6 October 2015

Royal Irish Rifles - 3rd (Special Reserve) Battalion

Having recently posted regimental numbers and enlistment dates for the 4th (Extra Reserve) Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles, it would seem to make sense to publish numbers and dates for the 3rd and 5th Battalions too. This post will look at numbering in the 3rd (Special Reserve) Battalion.

The 3rd Battalion did not start a new number sequence when it was 'born' in 1908 but rather continued with the number series that had been in use with its old 3rd (Militia) Battalion predecessor.

3/7088 joined on 28th June 1908
8357 joined on 4th March 1909
8515 joined on 3rd January 1910
8442 joined on 18th November 1911
8816 joined on 17th July 1912
8859 joined on 19th May 1913
8908 joined on 30th March 1914
9108 joined on 20th August 1914
9335 joined on 7th September 1914
9452 joined on 5th November 1914

9452 is the last number I have on my database. In January 1915 a new series starts appearing, prefixed with a 3/; this prefix continuing to be used certainly until the end of 1916.

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20 September 2015

Royal Irish Rifles - 4th (Extra Reserve) Battalion

My thanks to pal Martin Gillott who posted much of the information below on my post concerning numbering in the regular battalions of the Royal Irish Rifles. Rather than hide his hard work there, I thought this deserved a post of its own. Thank you, Martin.

It's worth re-stating, again, that regular battalions (typically the 1st and 2nd Battalions) of line regiments used a single regimental number series. The 3rd (Special Reserve) Battalion used a different number series which often, but not always, was a continuation of the series which had been used by its 3rd (Militia) Battalion predecessor, and the 4th (Extra Reserve) Battalion, where these existed, used it's own number series which was also mostly, but not always, a continuation of the series which had been started by the 4th (Militia) Battalion. In the case of the 4th (Extra Reserve) Battalion of the Royal Irish Rifles, it continued the series that had begun with the 4th Militia Battalion. Numbers 6013 and 6132 below, were almost certainly militiamen re-enlisting in the Extra Reserve, possibly to complete their six year terms.

6013 attested on 28th June 1908
6132 attested on 28th June 1908
6320 attested on 14th June 1910
6331 attested on 16th September 1910
6429 attested on 17th October 1911
6519 attested on 5th June 1912
6626 attested on 3rd April 1913
6821 attested on 12th August 1913
6861 attested on 18th August 1914
6865 attested on 18th August 1914
6983 attested on 24th August 1914
7028 attested on 23rd August 1914
7070 attested on 26th August 1914
7207 attested on 26th August 1914
7262 attested on 25th August 1914
7333 joined on 16th November 1914
7392 joined on 22nd December 1914

Martin notes that 7028 attesting one day before 6983 and 7262 attesting one day before 7207 (both in italics above) suggests that batches of numbers were used at different recruiting stations. This may be the case but I don't think the army was that well organised. Note too that when a man attested, the attestation date was recorded at the bottom of the form but the regimental number would not have been added to the papers until the man presented himself at the depot. I think therefore that the out of sequence patterns - commonly seen on attestation papers - is probably explained by the time delay between attesting and then presenting at the depot where the number would have been issued.

The Special Reserve and Extra Reserve battalions all became simply 'Reserve' Battalions in late September 1915 and the specific numbering sequences for these battalions ceased.

As Martin noted on his comment, the Royal Irish Rifles is one of those regiments where there is room for numbering confusion:

"The 6XXX series was used by the Regulars between 1900 and 1902 so it is easy to get these mixed up. Also the 5th (Extra Reserve) Battalion kept a separate series which lagged the 4th Battalion series by a few hundred more risk for confusion) and in early 1915 the Kitchener battalions had reached 6,000 recruits, so again more scope for a lot of confusion. The numbers above all come from documents clearly marked 4th Battalion and most have a 4/prefix on the attestation as well."

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14 September 2015

Royal Sussex Regiment - Other Rank PoWs 1914

There is only a handful of Royal Sussex Regiment other ranks listed in the Imperial War Museum archive of men who were captured before Princess Mary could send them her 1914 gift tin.  The men listed below appear in the following two archive sources:
  • B.O.2 1/270 which is a single-page, handwritten document dated-stamped 16th January 1919, No 2 Infantry Record Office, Staines, Hounslow
  • B.O.2 1/271 which is a two-page, handwritten document.  No date or sender.
Additional information not reproduced below includes some or all of the following:

  • Date captured
  • Home address
  • Next of kin
  • Next of kin address

  • Any errors in transcription are my own.

    7414 Private Harry Bellchamber
    10037 Corporal A A Bond
    8139 Private J H Catchpole
    7709 Private C Dadswell
    10224 Private George Davey
    7850 Lance-Corporal W Day
    7589 Private F Diplock
    8301 Private William J Gardner
    10243 Private A Hadley
    6725 Private A Hall
    7456 Private J Hartson
    7585 Private Charles Hellyer
    6518 Private W Hickmott
    10006 Lance-Corporal Leonard H Humphrey
    9450 Lance-Corporal Ernest J Lindsay
    8374 Private J Marchant
    8754 Private R Miles
    6906 Private William J Milton
    7762 Private George Moy
    8691 Private Bertie F Nobes
    8038 Private Jack Page
    10021 Lance-Corporal David Purkiss
    7842 Private Henry Russell
    9970 Private P T Scrase
    7659 Private Richard C Sinden
    7634 Private George Young

    I've borrowed the photograph on this post from the excellent, Sussex PhotoHistory site. It shows NCOs of the Royal Sussex Regiment probably photographed between 1899 and 1902.

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    26 August 2015

    Wiltshire Regiment - Other Rank PoWs 1914

    This is a list of Wiltshire Regiment Other ranks who were taken prisoner of war on or before the 25th December 1914.  My transcription is taken from a single Imperial War Museum source:
    • B.O.2 1/313 which is a handwritten letter and accompanying 20-page hand-written list of Wiltshire Regiment men submitted by No 1 Infantry Record Office, Exeter; letter dated 1st May 1919. 
    The full transcription, not reproduced here, gives some or all of the following additional information:
    • battalion
    • date of capture
    • home address
    • next of kin name
    • next of kin address
    There are nearly 700 names in this database and any transcription errors are my own. I will be pleased to supply additional information about these men as applicable and will be delighted to publish photos of any of the men mentioned below.

    3/9107 Lance-Corporal P Abel
    3/8345 Private F Adams
    3/9503 Lance-Corporal H F Adams
    3/5484 Private J Adams
    7224 Private Arthur E Alder
    3/9556 Private T Allaway
    6260 Private T Allchurch
    8257 Lance-Corporal W C Ambrose
    3/9627 Private P Amor
    3/9017 Private W Anger
    5091 Private F Arford
    8121 Private F J Arnold
    7579 Private A E Ashton
    6974 Private A R Ashton
    8338 Private T W Ayliffe
    5417 Private L J Bailey
    3/8886 Private W Bailey
    8133 Private W F Bailey
    7650 Private E A Bainton
    7438 Private W A Bainton
    5242 Private F Baker
    8756 Private H Baker
    8258 Private T Baker
    8871 Private W R Baker
    5379 Private E Ball
    8350 Private S Ball
    8706 Private F Barber
    8140 Private J J Barnes
    8531 Corporal C H Barnett
    6513 Private A Bartholomew
    4856 Private J Bartlett
    8098 Private A G Basson
    8506 Private Frederick G Batchelor
    7439 Sergeant E J Bathe
    7905 Private S C Bathe
    5849 Private J Baughan
    7726 Sergeant W G Baverstock
    8039 Private S Baxter
    6777 Acting Corporal R W Beacham
    8086 Lance-Corporal S Beak
    8323 Private E A Beaumont
    8323 Private E A Beaumont
    8557 Corporal F Beck
    4727 Private H Beck
    7536 Private G Bell
    8162 Private H R Besford
    8162 Private H R Besford
    3/8723 Lance-Corporal H Bewley
    8370 Private Walter S Birch
    8052 Private A T Bishop
    8200 Private E M Bishop
    5945 Private F J Blackford
    5738 Corporal W Blagden
    7892 Private A Blake
    3/9537 Private H Blanchard
    8609 Private R Blunsdon
    8265 Private B Bolter
    8456 Private T Bolwell
    4229 Sergeant Richard G J Borer
    3/9201 Private W J Boscombe
    8269 Corporal R Bottriell
    7198 Private J Boulter
    9106 Private W E Boulter
    7716 Private William S Bower
    5817 Lance-Corporal J Bowman
    8691 Private H J Box
    8691 Private H J Box
    8471 Private F Bradshaw
    6785 Sergeant Joe Brain
    8676 Private John Bridewell
    7050 Lance-Corporal T Bromham
    6743 Private T Brooker
    8979 Private A Brooks
    8239 Private C A A Brooks
    8448 Private W E Brooks
    3/8814 Lance-Corporal C Brown
    8410 Corporal Frederick J K Brown
    6846 Private T Brown
    7035 Sergeant William Buckland
    7971 Private A E Budd
    8667 Private A J Bull
    5826 Sergeant W G Bull
    7542 Private G Bunce
    5391 Lance-Corporal R F Bunce
    8592 Private F Bungay
    8430 Private C E Bunsell
    8684 Private Frederick Burden
    6438 Private W Burgess
    8586 Private Arthur J Burt
    8775 Private J Burt
    5433 Private W Burt
    8563 Corporal B Busbridge
    5448 Private T Butcher
    8464 Drummer F F Bye
    8348 Private E P Cade
    3821 CSM William H Cady
    6766 Private G Cannings
    7523 Private T Cannings
    8689 Private Ernest E Carter
    4049 W H Carter
    8015 Private W R Castle
    6763 Private J Chandler
    5614 Sergeant L Chasley
    5697 Sergeant Clifford Chilcott
    8152 Private E Chivers
    3/9657 Private W F Chivers
    8810 Lance-Corporal Francis Clargo
    7915 Lance-Corporal Charles H M Clark
    3/8776 Private James Clark
    8662 Private R G Clark
    8645 Private J Clarke
    8271 Private R Clarke
    9235 Private E J Clayson
    7513 Private Alfred Clements
    8982 Private A Clifford
    8638 Lance-Sergeant L D Colbourne
    3/6622 Private H Cole
    7736 Private W J Cole
    8863 Private W Coleing
    8340 Private P Coleman
    8732 Private Reuben Coleman
    8625 Private C T Coles
    8066 Private G Coles
    9519 Alfred Job Collett
    3/9519 Private G E Collett
    8677 Lance-Corporal F Collins
    8641 Corporal Frederick Collis
    7931 Private G Compton
    8787 Private A Cook
    8336 Private A E Cook
    8478 Private Arthur N Cook
    7906 Pte E A Cook
    8553 Private Ernest J Cook
    3/9598 Private F W Cook
    3/9598 Private F W Cook
    4844 Private H Cook
    8770 Drummer S E Cook
    8630 Private S J Cook
    8093 Private W G Cook
    8194 Private W H Cook
    8904 Private P Coombes
    8168 L/Sgt A J Coombs
    7539 Private G Coombs
    9929 Private G Coombs
    3/9884 Private A Cornish
    3/9788 Private Hubert Coudrace
    8717 Private A Couldrake
    7968 Corporal Charles Cove
    3/538 Lance-Corporal H Cowdry
    8228 Private Ernest Cowles
    8606 Private A Cox
    6452 Private Eli Cox
    8181 Private George H Cox
    8664 Private W C Cox
    3749 Private P W Crewe
    3/8682 Private F Crockett
    6894 Sergeant J Crockett
    5140 Private H Croft
    8112 Private A E Crosby
    8435 Private H Crowther
    8001 Private W J Crowther
    8618 Private R J Cuff
    8172 Corporal A J Curtis
    3/8819 Private Charles Thomas Curtis
    8315 Private Fred Curtis
    3/9579 Private C Cutts
    8736 Private A Dash
    8941 Private C E Dash
    7993 Private James E Davies
    6040 Private A G Davis
    7031 Private Edwin J Davis
    6885 Private Herbert J Davis
    4283 Sergeant T M Davis
    6157 Private Thomas H Davis
    8668 Lance-Corporal George Dawes
    8173 Private William F Diffell
    7658 Private Thomas Dix
    3/9152 Private R P B Dixon
    5017 Private A Dobson
    8485 Private Edwin W Dodson
    6328 Private John H Dolman
    3/9683 Private Edmond George Doughty
    8432 Private Ernest Dowdell
    8454 Private George S Draper
    3/9289 Private Thomas Drew
    8176 Private W J Drew
    7470 Private Edward Drewett
    8985 Private Frederick Drewett
    8436 Lance-Corporal H Drewett
    7226 Private J Driscoll
    7991 Private H Duck
    6732 Private George Duffin
    9558 Private Sydney Durrant
    5113 Private G Eatwell
    6193 Private J Edmonds
    6041 Private W Edmonds
    3/9393 Private A Edwards
    8226 Lance-Sergeant A A Edwards
    8628 Private R S Ellis
    3/9683 Private T F Ellis
    8377 Private W J Ellis
    8202 Private E Ellison
    8577 Private S Elms
    3/9255 Lance-Corporal G W Evans
    8195 Private E G Everley
    8362 Lance-Corporal J Farley
    7532 Lance-Corporal J Farnham
    6381 Lance-Corporal Frederick G Fidgett
    8191 Private H F Field
    7380 Private S Fielding
    8910 Private H Fisher
    8978 Private T Fisher
    7308 Private P Fishlock
    8539 Private A L Fitchett
    8565 Private A Flippance
    7072 Lance-Corporal George Flippance
    3/4222 Private J Forrest
    8175 Private F Fortune
    5330 Private J Fortune
    7275 Private Thomas Fowler
    6422 Private Alfred E Fowles
    3/8784 Private C Fox
    6398 Private H Francis
    8678 Private G Franklin
    8225 Private T H Frost
    4752 Private A Fulford
    8608 Private E Fuller
    3/8639 Private Samuel Nelson John Gale
    8388 Private P J Gallichan
    7839 Private H G Gallop
    8400 Private F R Gander
    3/9269 Private W E Gane
    8657 Private C C Gee
    7103 Lance-Corporal E F George
    8802 Private Arthur R Gibbs
    6828 Private W Giddings
    6160 Sergeant A F Gillett
    8183 Private F Gills
    5301 Lance-Corporal E W Gleed
    6023 Private T Goddard
    8667 Private W Godwin
    4793 Sergeant A Gough
    10104 Private H J Grainger
    7949 Private F Grant
    8779 Lance-Corporal D H W Green
    5167 Acting Corporal H Green
    8760 Private P Green
    3/9691 Private A L Griffen
    8822 Lance-Corporal A A Grubb
    8697 Private R Gunning
    8380 Private C E Haggard
    8079 Private A E Haines
    8598 Private T Haines
    8023 Lance-Sergeant C J Hale
    5295 CSM C E Hall
    5445 Private W F Hall
    8062 Private W H Hall
    7100 Drummer J D Hardiman
    8706 Private A Harding
    8482 Private George E Harris
    7476 Private W T Harris
    7781 Private Robert J Hart
    8624 Private J T Harvey
    8298 Private W Harvey
    8409 Private Frederick Hatherall
    7060 Private A Hathrell
    8703 Private W Hawkins
    8833 Private C Hayward
    8070 Private W T Hayward
    8614 Private B Hedges
    8151 Corporal W H Hedgett
    7853 Private T Hemmins
    8376 Private R P Herbert
    8099 Private J Hibbard
    3/9815 Private James E Hicks
    8107 Private A C Higgins
    8412 Private E T Higgins
    8883 Private J H Higgins
    8591 Private R F Hillier
    7392 Private S D Hillier
    6918 Private T H Hinder
    6514 Private H Hobden
    8861 Private H E Holder
    8590 Private A S Holmes
    8329 Lance-Corporal G Hooper
    8731 Lance-Corporal F G Hopkins
    5171 Private H Horden
    6345 Private W J House
    5418 Private A Howlett
    5168 Private G Hudd
    8976 Private J Hughes
    6682 Private James Hughes
    8502 Private C J Hulbert
    3/9650 Lance-Corporal H D Hull
    9729 Private P Hunt
    5264 Private G Huntley
    8074 Private H M Huntley
    3/9883 Private J W Huntley
    5089 Private H Hurle
    8720 Private C J Hutt
    3/9368 Private E L Iles
    7674 Private Herbert C Iles
    8433 Private W J Iles
    7533 Private A Ilott
    8289 Private F Ingram
    5145 Private T Ings
    7954 Private A Jackson
    7954 Private A H Jackson
    5610 Private T Jacques
    6934 Sergeant Albert E Jefferies
    3/8829 Private D J Jefferies
    3/8813 Private A J Johnson
    8828 Private W J Johnson
    3/9494 Private A J Jones
    7559 Private E H Jones
    8026 Private F C Judd
    5452 Private G Jukes
    7569 Private F Kent
    8984 Private R F Kent
    7459 Private S Kent
    8095 Private A Kimber
    7789 Private E A Kinchington
    3/9666 Private L King
    7680 Private F King
    8353 Private J King
    8272 Private P King
    5186 Private A J Kingsey
    8696 Private L Kirby
    5770 Private H W Kitcher
    3/9386 Private W H Kittlety
    8914 Lance-Corporal J Knapp
    7499 Lance-Corporal W C Knight
    6474 Private George Knill
    7872 Private F G Kyte
    7426 Private J Kyte
    8951 Private R Lafford
    5762 Corporal P Laing
    5762 Corporal P J Laing
    8252 Private S Lait
    8277 Private George Lane
    8795 Private R J Large
    6164 Private B Law
    8526 Private E W Lawrence
    8349 Private A E Lay
    8008 Private Lewis J Lay
    3/9188 Private E Ledbury
    8991 Private P H Legg
    7192 Lance-Corporal W Lester
    8250 Corporal C Lewis
    8250 Lance-Corporal C Lewis
    8516 Private R Lewis
    8516 Private R F Lewis
    7637 Private A Liddiard
    6778 Lance-Corporal J Lindsey
    8305 Private J Linsell
    8288 L/Cpl F Little
    8605 Private L Lock
    3/62 Private Thomas H Looker
    5342 Private J Looney
    8147 Private T Love
    8142 Private W G Lovegrove
    8868 Private A W Luker
    8678 Private F Luker
    8440 Lance-Corporal A Lussenden
    6366 Private Robert Lyne
    8820 Private A J Mabbett
    7185 Private A E Mace
    7601 Private W G Mace
    5551 Private H Maggs
    3/9902 Private W Maisey
    3/9607 Private Charles Malin
    8371 Private A A Marshall
    7118 Corporal W Marshall
    8125 Private C Maskelyne
    7596 Private E Matthews
    8233 Sergeant P Matthews
    8658 Private D A May
    7160 Private T H May
    5962 Sergeant C J McLeod
    7883 Acting Corporal W McLoughlin
    8687 Private C Mead
    8339 Private J W Mead
    6239 Private W H Mead
    8151 Private W H Medgett
    8867 Private W J Merchant
    6225 Private J Merritt
    5375 Private W W Merritt
    6113 Private W Middleton
    8143 Private W Midwinter
    8544 Private F Miles
    8513 Private J H Miles
    8301 Private W Miles
    6855 Private B A Mills
    6303 Lance-Sergeant G Mills
    7361 Private E Minton
    8344 Private C Mitchell
    8801 Private C Mizen
    8698 Private T R Mobey
    7268 Private F C Moody
    9137 Private C F Moore
    6907 Private H G Moore
    8603 Private W G Morgan
    5377 Private A Morris
    8424 Private A A Morris
    6390 Private W Morse
    6518 Private J Moulden
    8236 Private W J Mullis
    8803 Private C Munday
    8923 Private S F Munday
    7595 Private F T Mundy
    8075 Private J Musgrove
    7944 Private L Mutton
    3/9320 Lance-Corporal A Nash
    5443 Private J C Nash
    8088 Private T Nash
    7882 Private D Newman
    6215 Private H G Niblett
    7987 Private J E Nicholls
    6477 Private C Noakes
    6961 Private W G Noakes
    9112 Private H J Nobes
    6851 Private F Norris
    8690 Private G Norris
    3/8780 Private J H Norris
    7421 Lance-Corporal H Noyes
    5792 CSM W S Nurdin
    8284 Private G Oram
    6102 Private E Organ
    7332 Private W Osgood
    7615 Private John P Ovens
    6167 Private T E Owens
    8906 Private A J Page
    7950 Private H S Page
    7114 Private C Painter
    7833 Private E Painter
    8316 Private E G Painter
    5368 Private F Painter
    5821 Company Quartermaster Sergeant G Parker
    8866 Private F C Parratt
    8672 Private E Parsons
    8666 Private Charles F Pauling
    8139 Private T R Payton
    8948 Private H Pearce
    9145 Private Lewis J Pearce
    8806 Private A Peck
    8648 Private Ernest Pendle
    7733 Private J Penn
    5162 Private S Penney
    6869 Corporal C Pennock
    6145 Corporal T Penny
    5103 Private H Perrett
    8660 Lance-Corporal H Perrett
    8572 Corporal J Perry
    8722 Private Vincent Perry
    6982 Private G Peters
    8631 Private Charles J Phillips
    8475 Private F A Pick
    7837 Private H W Pickett
    8509 Private W G Pickett
    9136 Private Walter C Pickett
    7526 Private C Pike
    8602 Private E A Pike
    7893 Private Frank Pike
    8476 Lance-Corporal R F Pike
    8584 Private W G Pike
    4384 Private G H Pinchin
    8090 Private Harry Pinchin
    7480 Private William Pinchin
    9150 Private W C Pink
    8593 Private Percy Pinnegar
    8189 Private Edward Pinney
    5880 Private Percy E Piper
    9181 Private Charles Thomas Pippiatt
    8697 Lance-Corporal C Plank
    8785 Private C J Plank
    8314 Lance-Corporal C Pollard
    5476 Private E S Pope
    8679 Private Alexander Porter
    8965 Private W F Potter
    8571 Private W Poulton
    9050 Lance-Corporal E G Pounds
    6440 Private A Pratt
    8307 Private Thomas M Proctor
    8041 Private Ernest J Purdue
    8462 Private F C Quelch
    8493 Private F Randall
    6928 Private W G Ransom
    8122 Private Albert Rattue
    7977 Private Herbert W Rattue
    8322 Private William G Rattue
    7323 Private William J Ray
    8423 Private George E Razey
    7139 Private Albert H Read
    6849 Sergeant S Reason
    8444 Bandsman G A Record
    7791 Private M W Reeves
    8379 Private H L Richards
    7503 Private Percy W Richards
    8725 Private E J Richens
    7144 Private Edward Richens
    8082 Private E Ricketts
    5027 Private Alfred Robbins
    5981 Private J Roberts
    7581 Private Henry I F Robins
    7478 Private H Rochester
    7995 Private H C Rodout
    8283 Private S Rogers
    8612 Private Nelson Romain
    6343 Corporal C Rouse
    8170 Private Fred Rudman
    7784 Private Frederick J Rumming
    8865 Lance-Corporal T Rumming
    3/9699 Private G E Russ
    6516 Sergeant A G Russell
    8270 Lance-Sergeant Frederick Rust
    8356 Private Ernest Frederick Sanger
    8472 Lance-Corporal R D Satchell
    7694 Private C Saunders
    5777 Private W Saunders
    6106 Private Thomas W Sayle
    3/9643 Private H Scott
    9416 Private J W Scott
    7681 Private C E Scrine
    7820 Lance-Corporal Ernest F Seager
    8425 Private A J Sealey
    8734 Private C E Sears
    8597 Private C H Sears
    8734 Private Charles E Sears
    7709 Private N R Sears
    8237 Lance-Sergeant A Selwood
    8042 Private H C Selwood
    8777 Lance-Corporal T C Shears
    8106 Lance-Corporal J Sheppard
    7456 Private C Shering
    8182 Private A Shore
    8814 Private Arthur Shutler
    3/9667 Private S W Silvester
    6523 Lance-Corporal M W Simmonds
    8909 Private Albert H Simpkins
    8057 Private R Simpkins
    8405 Private W Simpkins
    7766 Private G A Sinclair
    7034 Private John Singer
    7043 Private A G Sloper
    6787 Private Frank Sly
    7900 Private H Smart
    8661 Drummer J Smart
    8129 Private Thomas C Smart
    3/9054 Private Walter Smart
    7297 Private C Smith
    8652 Private C C Smith
    8642 Private C S Smith
    9435 Private F Smith
    6783 Private Frederick Smith
    6232 Private George F Smith
    8018 Private H Smith
    8942 Private H W Smith
    7300 Sergeant J Smith
    8874 Private J J Smith
    7289 Private R F Smith
    7515 Private T F Smith
    9524 Private T G Smith
    7515 Private Thomas F Smith
    3/9662 Private W Smith
    8551 Private W E Smith
    6508 Private W G Smith
    8061 Private F Snelgrove
    5720 Corporal A Snooks
    7570 Private J R Sowman
    8739 Private A Spackman
    7886 Private J H Spackman
    8604 Private W Spackman
    6000 Private E J Speck
    8463 Private E Spencer
    4029 Private W Squires
    8878 Private Percy A St George
    8564 Private Wilfred J Staples
    7753 Private Frederick W Stay
    3709 Private A E Stevens
    3/9599 Private A G Stevens
    3/65 Lance-Corporal C Stevens
    8578 Private W H Stevens
    8372 Private S W Stewart
    8387 Private Ernest A Stitson
    6724 Private Bertram Stokes
    7964 Corporal W J Stoneham
    8203 Private Ernest Stratton
    8325 Private Albert J Stroud
    8546 Private W J Stroud
    3/9054 Private Ernest F Stuart
    7750 Private R Styles
    8824 Private A Summers
    8737 Private G Sutton
    8109 Private J F Sutton
    9002 Private W Sylvester
    8562 Lance-Corporal E Talbot
    7115 Private A E Tarrant
    8854 Private E Tarrant
    7075 Private W Tatchell
    7465 Private E J Tattersall
    5643 Private Henry J Tattersall
    8266 Private A E Taylor
    8243 Private G Taylor
    3/9349 Private William G Taylor
    8519 Private E G Thomas
    7961 Private W Titcomb
    6935 Private Walter Edmond Titcombe
    8399 Private E J Townsend
    5231 Lance-Corporal A Trimby
    7666 Private F G Trivett
    6211 Private Arthur F Truckle
    8874 Private J Tullett
    6093 Private W C Turner
    7000 Private Frank Turtle
    8167 Private Frederick Charles Turton
    3/60 Private Walter Underwood
    7923 Private Ernest Uphill
    7619 Private R Uphill
    7327 Private Robert Urquhart
    8862 Lance-Corporal Reginald John Vardy
    8164 Lance-Sergeant Albert George Veck
    8279 Private George F C Vick
    8337 Private Arthur Thomas Viner
    5688 Private Frederick Vizor
    3/9092 Private A Waite
    8576 Private G J Waite
    7187 Private W Waite
    3/8919 Private Ernest Henry Walker
    8406 Private Eddie Walklate
    6123 Private G Walters
    3/8794 Private C Wareham
    6375 Private J Wareham
    8470 Private C E Warner
    7859 Private H Waters
    8884 Private F J Watts
    3/9358 Private S Watts
    8455 Private W G Watts
    4994 Sergeant Alfred Howard Weatherall
    8359 Lance-Corporal H Weaver
    8491 Private H G Weaving
    7966 Private F Webb
    6888 Sergeant G P Webb
    3/8824 Private S A Webb
    6817 Private F Weeks
    4257 Sergeant T Welsh
    6799 Sergeant G Weston
    3/9102 Private W B Weston
    6133 Sergeant F Whalley
    8477 Private R Whatley
    8927 Private W Whatley
    3/7016 Private W C Whatley
    3/9293 Private Albert Wheeler
    7770 Private C J Wheeler
    7397 Private F Wheeler
    7561 Private H Wheeler
    5716 Company Quartermaster Sergeant John R Wheeler
    5398 Lance-Corporal W Whitbread
    8056 Private A White
    8207 Corporal Alfred G White
    8975 Private W H White
    7984 Private T W Whitfield
    9785 Private D J Whiting
    8364 Private B Wilks
    7782 Private C Williams
    8511 Private F J Williams
    6171 Lance-Corporal James Wilson
    6285 Private T Wilson
    5117 Private T Wiltshire
    7038 Private W Wiltshire
    8842 Private W G Wiltshire
    8905 Lance-Corporal R F C Winslow
    3/8690 Private T Wise
    7547 Private James J Witherow
    8299 Private E R Withers
    7366 Sergeant F J Witt
    8179 Corporal F Woodford
    8893 Private Edward Woodley
    8819 Private A E Woodward
    7432 Lance-Corporal Frank Woof
    7038 Private W T Woolford
    7508 Private J Wootten
    8968 Private C Wootton
    6739 Private E T Wright
    7712 Private W C Wright
    8761 Private F C Yeo
    8707 Private J T Young

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    5 August 2015

    The Poachers poached - Lincolnshire Regiment PoWs 1914

    Eagle-eyed readers will note duplicate names in the list of Lincolnshire Regiment other ranks, below.

    The information regarding NCOs and men serving with the Lincolnshire Regiment who became prisoners of war before 25th December 1914 is taken from two Imperial War Museum sources:
    • B.O.2 1/233 which is a ten-page typed document sent by the Lincolnshire Regiment Prisoners of war Care Committee and dated 21st December 1918.
    • B.O.2 1/234 which is a six-page typed document date-stamped 17th January 1919
    There are discrepancies in some forename initials (which could just as well be my typos as they could be errors made at the time) and in some ranks. A check of medal index cards would no doubt get to the truth quickly enough.

    These original entries may also include other information which I have not included here such as battalion, home address, next of kin and next of kin address.

    8292 Private J Ainger
    6011 Sergeant C Atkinson
    6011 Sergeant C Atkinson
    7226 Private C H Bailey
    7226 Private C Bailey
    5476 Private J Baines
    7610 Private J W Baker
    7352 Private Arthur W Barber
    7552 Private B Barefoot
    7552 Corporal B Barefoot
    9319 Lance-Corporal J Barlow
    9319 Private J Barlow
    6865 Corporal C Barnes
    6865 Corporal C P Barnes
    6888 Private W Barrell
    6888 Private W A Barrell
    6718 Private C G Barton
    8145 Private C A Beare
    7180 Private G Bell
    7636 Private W H Beverley
    7915 Private F Blackburn
    7915 Private F P Blackburn
    8835 Private J F Blagden
    9242 Private J Boon
    7102 Private E Boyall
    7565 Private W Bradley
    9478 Private J Brightman
    9022 Private A Bristow
    9022 Private A Bristowe
    7550 Private Frederick William Brooks
    6956 Private G Brown
    7855 Private J Brown
    7855 Lance-Corporal J W C Brown
    7850 Private B Buzzard
    7850 Private B Buzzard
    6490 Private J Campbell
    7389 Private W Cannon
    7389 Private W Canon
    8042 Private W Carden
    8042 Private W R Carden
    7331 Sergeant F Cargill
    7331 Sergeant F Cargill
    9579 Private S Challis
    9579 Private S F Challis
    7119 Private W Chatterton
    9503 Private F Clare
    7452 Private F W Clarke
    7425 Private R Clarke
    6337 Private R F Clarke
    6337 Private Richard Clarke
    6430 Private R Coldron
    6430 Private R Coldron
    7443 Drummer J Colebrook
    9670 Private H Collins
    9351 Private F Conner
    8012 Private F Cooper
    6512 Private G W Cooper
    9467 Private T Crilley
    8745 Private P Crimper
    7193 Private F J Cuzner
    9294 Private P Davidson
    7040 Private M Dennison
    7569 Private Albert William Didwell
    7569 Drummer W Didwell
    4986 Private W Dobbs
    6986 Private William Dobbs
    6933 Private J Downward
    7945 Private W G Ducker
    7495 Private William Ducker
    7777 Sergeant W Duffey
    9624 Private A Evans
    8724 Private E Fawcett
    8724 Private E W Fawcett
    5962 Lance-Corporal R Ferguson
    5962 Private R Ferguson
    6392 Private J Foss
    7571 Private J W Fowler
    14054 Sergeant H Gent
    9238 Lance-Corporal J W Gibbs
    9238 Private J W Gibbs
    7178 Private T Gresham
    6161 Private A Grooby
    6161 Private A Groony
    6815 Private F C Hall
    8748 Lance-Corporal H Hare
    8748 Private H A W Hare
    9610 Private C T Harris
    6184 Private F C Harston
    8027 Lance-Corporal A Harvey
    8027 Private A Harvey
    7887 Private A Henley
    9486 Private T Herbert
    8031 Private A Hill
    7673 Drummer A Hobbs
    7673 Private A Hobbs
    5365 Private J N Hollingsworth
    5365 Lance-Corporal Hollingworth
    6866 Private E Hootch
    6866 Lance-Corporal E Hooton
    6444 Private H Horry
    8545 Drummer A Hughes
    8545 Private A W Hughes
    6495 Private W Humphreys
    6495 Lance-Corporal J Humphries
    7005 Private H Hunt
    7005 Private H Hunt
    7163 Private W Idle
    9119 Private B Jackson
    5294 Sergeant C T Jackson
    5294 Private C T Jackson
    7190 Private J Jackson
    7787 Private J Jackson
    9119 Private J Jackson
    3795 Private W Jeans
    9645 Lance-Corporal F Jessop
    9635 Lance-Corporal Frank Forman Jessop
    9252 Private G W Johnson
    9654 Private H Johnson
    9654 Private H Johnson
    4685 CSM A E Jones
    7282 Private J Kendall
    7270 Private J Key
    7108 Sergeant H C Kingdom
    7108 Sergeant H Kingdon
    5421 Private L Kirby
    7533 Private Carl Lenz
    6999 Private J W Lewis
    6300 Private W Lewis
    9480 Private R Lindsay
    9480 Private R R Lindsay
    8671 Private S Lovelock
    6186 Corporal G Lowe
    6186 Private G Lowe
    7535 Lance-Corporal F Lowery
    7535 Private T W Lowery
    9427 Private R Lynn
    6925 Private John Maguire
    7827 Private M Maltby
    7827 Private M S Maltby
    7822 Sergeant C Mann
    7822 Corporal C D Mann
    6860 Private P Marshall
    7802 Private C Mawer
    7802 Private G H Mawer
    6925 Private J McGuire
    8817 Corporal J Mealing
    8817 Sergeant T Mealing
    7599 Lance-Corporal J Merryweather
    7599 Private J Merryweather
    6400 Private F J Metcalf
    6400 Private T Metcalfe
    7612 Corporal F C Millington
    7816 Private J Mitchell
    7904 Private F C Monk
    7137 Lance-Corporal H Morgan
    7137 Private H Morgan
    7223 Private J Morley
    7223 Private J Morly
    9465 Private H Morris
    9465 Private Henry Pritchard Morris
    7763 Private P Morris
    7763 Private Percy John Morris
    5287 Private W H Morris
    5287 Private William Henry Morris
    9159 Private D Morse
    9159 Lance-Corporal D B Morse
    5417 Private D Muir
    5417 Private P Muir
    6922 Private P Mulholland
    9513 Private H Newell
    9513 Private H L Newell
    8188 Private J Newell
    4991 Private G Osborne
    7527 Private J Parkinson
    6474 Drummer J Parsons
    6474 Private J Parsons
    7363 Lance-Corporal C L Peart
    8019 Private B Pellett
    9097 Private J W Perkins
    8019 Lance-Corporal B Pettett
    3947 CSM C F Phillips
    7709 Private H G Phillips
    6901 Private J Popple
    7416 Private H Potter
    8654 Private G Rampling
    5479 Private H Raynor
    6208 Private A Redford
    6807 Private A Reed
    6807 Private W Reed
    6035 Lance-Corporal A Reid
    6035 Private A Reid
    7093 Private E Robinson
    7069 Corporal J B Robinson
    7093 Private L Robinson
    9606 Private J R Rudkin
    6941 Private J W Rusling
    6941 Private W Rusling
    6219 Private T Ryan
    7704 Private T W Scott
    7704 Private T W Scott
    4291 Lance-Corporal W Seale
    4291 Private W Seale
    7907 Private F Shaw
    9645 Private G Simmons
    7231 Private H Simpson
    7449 Private W Simpson
    7875 Lance-Corporal W Simpson
    7449 Private W J Simpson
    7110 Private W Slater
    7110 Private William Slater
    8037 Bandsman H Smalley
    8037 Private H Smalley
    7466 Sergeant C Smith
    7648 Bandsman F Smith
    7466 Sergeant F Smith
    7648 Private F Smith
    8376 Private H Southwick
    8593 Private J E Stephenson
    8176 Private A J Stiff
    5787 Private J W Stow
    5041 Private Joseph Stringer
    8962 Private C Stubbs
    8962 Private C W Stubbs
    6471 Private E Summersgill
    6826 Private F Tacey
    6367 Private H Thompson
    7851 Private C T Tindall
    5399 Lance-Corporal H Tomison
    5399 Corporal H Tomison
    8536 Private W H Tow
    9470 Private E Towl
    7280 Lance-Corporal E Townsend
    4673 Private C Tuckwood
    7111 Private H Uttley
    8673 Private William Wallace
    7540 Private W Waller
    7540 Private William Waller
    7293 Corporal G Waring
    9457 Private W Watts
    9457 Private William Watts
    9468 Private W Westall
    9468 Private William Westall
    7397 Private H Wilkinson
    7397 Private H J Wilkinson
    6806 Private F Williams
    6794 Private F Williams
    6806 Private F T Williams
    7436 Private W Woodhouse
    7436 Private W C Woodhouse
    4923 Private J Woolley
    4923 CSM J Woolley
    7578 Private C J Wormall
    7578 Sergeant Charles James Wormall
    5585 Private W Wormall
    5585 Sergeant William M Wormall
    7543 Private T Wright

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    20 July 2015

    The worst possible year to join the British Army

    I have a huge admiration for the British Army in general and for the late Victorian and early twentieth century British Army in particular. However, I wonder just how many men, when they were signing up as regulars in the 1890s and 1900s, bothered to read the small print of their attestation papers, and in particular, the following clause which could add an extra year to their terms of service and make it an unlucky thirteen:

    Typical terms of enlistment were 12 years, served as a combination of colour service and reserve service. How much colour service and reserve service a man served was dependent on the corps with which he served and the year when he enlisted. Typical terms of service for the infantry from the mid 1900s was 7&5: seven years with the colours and five on the reserve. For most men, this actually meant eight years with the colours and four on the reserve because the period of colour service was extended by a year if the man happened to be serving overseas - and most regulars would have been serving overseas.
    But to get to my point, I have often thought that of all the years that a man could have chosen to enlist, the year 1903 must have ranked among the worst. For a start, the terms of enlistment for the infantry had been reduced to 3&9: three years with the colours and nine years on the reserve. That would have meant that under normal, peacetime, circumstances, a man's obligation to the Crown would have ended in 1915.  However, Britain's declaration of war on Germany in 1914 changed all that.
    Let's take a hypothetical example of a man enlisting in a county regiment in April 1903. He signs up for 3&9 and after 18 months training in the UK, is shipped out to India, returning to the UK in April 1907 prior to transfer to the Army Reserve. He obtains civil employment and, by August 1914, he's remembering his service in India seven years earlier and at the same time looking forward to the termination of his first period of engagement in April 1915 when 'the balloon goes up'. He is immediately recalled to the colours.
    For a start, despite his annual training obligations, he's a little rusty in matters of the army. Furthermore, if he thought that his recall would only be until his 12-year commitment had been fulfilled, he'd forgotten (or maybe not been made fully aware of) the clause above which automatically extended his service for a further 12 months. This 'bounty year', which a number of veterans explained to me when I met them in the 1980s and 1990s, must have been a most unwelcome surprise for many.  Furthermore, by the time the bounty year had expired there would have been another surprise in store.
    The Military Services Act had been introduced in January 1916 and conscription had been in force since 2nd March that year. Our April 1903 recruit, having completed his 12 + 1 years' service would now be liable for further service under the Military Services Act, and I have come across many records which show this unfortunate path. If he was lucky and managed to survive, our 1903 recruit may not have finally been discharged from the army until 1919 or 1920, some five or six years later than he may originally have computed. I wonder, having been along that path, how many men of those 1903 men chose to extend their service to complete 21 years and therefore obtain a pension for their efforts.
    Captain Bruce Bairnsfather's Old Bill courtesy of The Old Bill Newsletter and Wikipedia.
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    11 July 2015

    Unpicking the 1911 census

    If there's one thing I've learned over the years of studying the British Army, and regimental numbers in particular, it's that there is usually method in the madness. It just requires de-coding.

    The 1911 census is a wonderful resource for anyone with an interest in the British regular army which would, to a large degree, form part of the regular element of the BEF of 1914 and to a lesser degree, part of the regular element of the MEF of 1915. Here we have not only those units that happened to be in England and Wales when the census was taken on Sunday 2nd April, but also those that were stationed overseas as well. I personally find it easier to search these overseas' records on Findmypast, and here's how I do it.

    1. Go to the A-Z search and type 1911 in the search box. The 1911 Census is the first result that appears:

    2. Click on the 1911 Census and in the screen that follows, start typing Overseas Military in the County field. As you type, the words Overseas Military will appear.
    3. Click on the blue Overseas Military text and see it transform into a lozenge beneath the county box. This means that you have now successfully selected this criterion:
    4. Now click on the search button to reveal just how many British soldiers, serving overseas with the British Army, are at your fingertips:
    So to recap, this figure is for men serving outside England, Wales, the Channel Islands, Scotland and Ireland. To find men stationed at garrisons in England, Wales and the Channel Islands you'll need to run separate searches on the England and Wales Census. To find men in Scotland and Ireland you'll need to search the census returns for those two countries.
    In any event, enough of the preamble. There was no uniformity of form-filling when it came to enumerating the British Army overseas. Some returns were completed alphabetically by surname; others by longevity of service; others in company order. Officers may be enumerated with their companies or enumerated separately. Pre-war trades and professions are recorded, in error, against some names and many men may be recorded more than once: on their regimental return and also when they appear as part of a detachment on a training course in another of His Majesty's far-flung outposts.
    Remember too, that on many of these returns there is useful information to be found on the address page that may not have been indexed.  Going back to our results' page of 135,853 results, I clicked on the second name that appeared: Andrews. In actual fact, "Andrews" has been indexed as the forename but as the image reveals, this is of course the man's last name.
    We see that this is 7955 Rifleman Andrews and - unusually - that his regimental number and all the regimental numbers for men of the Royal Irish Rifles have also been recorded.  Now click on the "Related Images" option at the bottom of the screen and on the menu that appears, click on the Address option.
    The resulting image gives us another piece of additional information: the company he was serving with:
    Note that companies are not always recorded so clearly, and many companies are not actually identified at all, but it is worthwhile going over this address page with a fine toothcomb as there may be small pen or pencil annotations which can provide vital clues.
    For this post though, I want to focus on the 2nd Battalion of the Leicestershire Regiment which, at first sight, appears to have recorded its soldiers in a random fashion. That is, until you start to look a little more closely at the ages of the men and start cross referencing the names against other surviving military records. Again, I use Findmypast to check records in WO 363, WO 364 and the pre-war WO 97 series and also the medal index cards index on The National Archives' site. I could run the same search on Findmypast's version of the MICs but I just find it easier and quicker to use the National Archives' option.
    Here we can see already that a pattern is emerging. The lowest regimental number that I found was 2308 for 40-year-old Frank Hebb who had joined the regiment in May 1888. Next on the list is 2703 Alfred Higgs who joined the regiment in November 1889, and so on. All these annotated men on the screenshot above have surviving service records in WO 97.
    Moving further along through the returns, it becomes easier and easier to find men and start building a picture of how long they had been serving with the regiment. There are thirty lines per page and by the time I reached men who had enlisted in 1908 I was finding the majority of these men on medal index cards:
    Furthermore, because the Leicestershire Regiment was so fastidious in recording men in order of seniority of service, it becomes possible to fill in regimental numbers for some men even if they have no surviving service record or MIC. In the example above, if William Derry was number 8322 and Albert Black was number 8324, the man in the middle - Frederick Thomas Wheeler - can only have been 8323. Using this logic, I have been able to fill in numbers for men who have no surviving paperwork at all.
    As for ascertaining the year that these men joined, you have three options:
    1. Use the resources on this blog to gauge an approximate year of enlistment
    3. Do the donkey work yourself.
    As far as the Leicesters are concerned, these men stationed at Fort St George, Madras had a huge range of experience - from the old hand like Frank Hebb with nearly 23 years of service under his belt, to 8965 Edwin Day who had only joined the regiment in 1910.
    Following Edwin Day's entry comes a mixed bag of 15 men, who were possibly languishing in the infirmary, and then the schoolmaster and armourer sergeant. Last but not least come the 27 officers, beginning with 49-year-old Lt-Colonel Lionel Copley Shearer and ending up with a somewhat seasoned second lieutenant and widower, 46-year-old Walter Frederick Hammond. 
    Screenshots on this page courtesy of Findmypast and The National Archives. The man at the top of this post is 9732 Stan Brown who was a youngster with the 1st Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment in Ireland when Britain went to war in August 1914. Had he joined a little earlier, and had Britain gone to war in 1915 rather than 1914, Stan would have joined these men of the 2nd Leicestershire Regiment in India. As it was he, along with other young and inexperienced troops, augmented by reservists, were first out to the continent in September 1914 whilst the 2nd Battalion did not arrive back from overseas (via Suez) until October 1914. Such was the scenario repeated throughout the British Army. You can read more about Stan's war on my WW1 Veterans Blog.
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    28 June 2015

    The Household Battalion

    The Household Battalion was an infantry battalion formed from reserve units of the Household Cavalry: 1st Life Guards, 2nd Life Guards and Royal Horse Guards. It was formed on 1st September 1916 and filled rapidly. Numbers 1 to 1234, for instance, all date to 1st September, and a reserve battalion was already recruiting by October 1916. I pick the story up below in October 1916, the small sample on this blog post running until September 1917:

    1469 joined on 18th October 1916
    1574 joined on 4th November 1916
    1885 joined on 10th November 1916
    2088 joined on 2nd December 1916
    2484 joined on 4th January 1917
    2671 joined on 17th February 1917
    2689 joined on 28th March 1917
    2704 joined on 5th April 1917
    3163 joined on 20th May 1917
    3285 joined on 12th July 1917
    3485 joined on 6th August 1917
    3604 joined on 3rd September 1917

    The photos on this post show (top) men of the Household Battalion prior to departure for France in 1916 and (above) officers of the Household Battalion at Richmond Camp in 1916. Both photos were originally published by The Daily Mail.

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    14 June 2015

    Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment - PoW Other Ranks 1914

    The roll-call below is of men who were serving with Royal West Kent Regiment when they became prisoners of war of the Germans on or before Christmas Day 1914. There are 158 names in this list; significantly fewer losses sustained by some other regiments but still representing a serious loss of trained soldiers. They were all men that that British Army could ill-afford to lose. You can read more about this Prisoner of War data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

    This data has been transcribed from a single source held at the Imperial War Museum:

    B.O.2 1/132 is 4-page, typed list sent by No 2 Infantry Record Office, Staines Road, Hounslow, dated 14th January 1919  

    My full transcription of this Royal West Kent Regiment Prisoners of War roll call of other ranks (not reproduced here) also contains the men's home addresses.

    I have transcribed the records as they were written at the time. Note that the majority of the numbers should correctly have been prefixed with the letter L/ indicating regular enlistment. The one obvious exception is John Bailey whose three-digit number, 522, stood out like a sore thumb. On checking, I realised that his correct number was S/522, indicating that he was a member of the Special Reserve.

    As far as the other men are concerned, the longest serving man here is L/4493 William Cridland whose number dates to November 1895. The newest recruit is 10243 Private F C Thomas whose regimental number indicates that he joined eighteen years later than William Cridland, in November 1913. I shall be pleased to receive for publication on this post, any other additional information or photographs of any of these men.

    7953 Private J Allen
    10079 Private J Allen
    9748 Private J T Arnold
    10002 Private J Ashton
    5819 Private A J Bailey
    10031 Private E Baker
    6132 Private H Baldwin
    S/522 Private John Baldwin
    7780 Private A R Bashford
    8779 Lance-Corporal D Beeshahan
    8064 Lance-Corporal H C Bellfield
    7752 Private T Bishop
    8050 Private P Bramble
    10021 Private W Bridger
    5733 Private G Bristow
    9305 Private T Brockwell
    10066 Lance-Corporal E W Brown
    9654 Private F H Bull
    5918 Private H Bullard
    8030 Private W Carden
    6098 Corporal H Chapman
    9815 Private W Christie
    8069 Private H Clark
    9144 Private A P Clarke
    8760 Bandsman H J Claxton
    5540 Private W A Cole
    10012 Private A A E Collins
    6651 Private B Cook
    9899 Private H Cooksay
    8076 Private E Cousins
    8282 Private H Coveney
    6801 Private J Cox
    6309 Private H Coxhead
    4493 Private W Cridland
    10056 Private J J Curtis
    6571 Private J H Dinsdale
    7350 Private J W Dodd
    9770 Private C Donald
    7661 Corporal H Donaldson
    6806 Private J Donovan
    7688 Private T L Dow
    9752 Private W C Dyke
    7855 Private G J Ely
    7287 Private A Etherington
    7712 Lance-Corporal H Farbridge
    6724 Sergeant W T Fermer
    10090 Lance-Corporal A E Field
    9379 Private H Fife
    10150 Private R Fitzgerald
    8006 Private H Fletcher
    5879 Private J T Foster
    8254 Private A Friend
    8173 Private J Goldsmith
    6729 Private J Grady
    7873 Private A W Graham
    6799 Private F Haigh
    8371 Private W H Hall
    8986 Private J Handyside
    5824 Private C Harden
    7945 Private W Harris
    8116 Private J W Harrison
    9811 Lance-Corporal W F C Harrison
    7639 Private J Hart
    7899 Private W G Hay
    9888 Private J F Hemmings
    7962 Private A Higgins
    9546 Private H Hilton
    7353 Private G Homewood
    7275 Private M Hopkins
    7383 Private T E Hunt
    8024 Colour-Sergeant A H Hutchings
    10017 Private T Jackson
    10016 Private J Jobson
    6686 Private G Johnson
    9859 Private G Johnson
    9723 Private J Jupp
    9674 Private T Kensett
    8931 Private H Kent
    8965 Private H Woods
    9755 Private F A King
    8742 Lance-Corporal W Kitchen
    7542 Private W Langridge
    6499 Private W Little
    9956 Private W G Long
    9065 Private W Longhurst
    7139 Private C G Lovell
    8150 Private W Ludlow
    7784 Private R D Mantell
    10019 Private W Marchant
    7272 Private F J Marshal
    9122 Private J McCarthy
    9483 Private F W Mercer
    6684 Private W J Miles
    8367 Private A F Moody
    4690 Private F Morris
    6757 Private T Murphy
    8434 Private W Needham
    9563 Private J W Newland
    5548 Private J W Organ
    7285 Private J Packham
    7136 Private H Pass
    6186 Private P E Pay
    8003 Private J T Pearson
    10054 Corporal E J Peill
    5562 Private A Perkins
    7268 Private F Pike
    5698 Private H F Pope
    6074 Lance-Corporal A J Price
    7490 Private A R Price
    7189 Private F Pryer
    10059 Private J V Pryer
    7964 Private T Pryer
    8730 Private H F Quinn
    8468 Private W H Rigby
    6658 Private W Riley
    7486 Private T Ritfield
    7697 Private J V Rowe
    9932 Private E Russell
    6388 Private G T Samuels
    7887 Private A Savage
    9767 Private E G Scott
    9724 Driver R W Seager
    8312 Sergeant R Sewell
    8107 Lance-Corporal A Sheppard
    6688 Private W Sipthorpe
    5397 Private A Smith
    10205 Private E Smith
    9695 Lance-Corporal H G Smith
    7384 Private J J Spicer
    9920 Private C Spreadborough
    10215 Private T E Standen
    8638 Private W Standen
    8848 Sergeant J H Sterry
    7907 Private G W Stewart
    8664 Corporal F J Strong
    7295 Private J Sullivan
    9649 Private R Sweet
    10243 Private F C Thomas
    9734 Private G T Thomas
    10046 Private A Thompson
    10224 Private C A Tong
    10055 Private A W Towns
    10013 Private W Trice
    7460 Private A Tucker
    6489 Sergeant E W Turmer
    7481 Private J Tyler
    7352 Private A Waghorne
    7795 Private H Wallace
    9999 Private F J Wallis
    5680 Private C Warner
    10113 Private G J Webb
    9463 Private H Wells
    5830 Private J Westlake
    8238 Private J S Whitehead
    8773 Private J T Wilkins
    5092 Private H G Williams
    9739 Private J Woolhead
    8160 Private J J Worsell

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    6 June 2015

    Middlesex Regiment - PoW Other Ranks 1914

    The men listed below were all serving with The Middlesex Regiment, when they became prisoners of war of the Germans on or before Christmas Day 1914. There are 397 names in this list - the equivalent of nearly four companies, or half a battalion under the old eight-company system. Remember that these were trained men, regular soldiers who the British Army could ill-afford to lose. You can read more about this Prisoner of War data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

    This data has been transcribed from the following sources held at the Imperial War Museum:

    B.O.2 1/224: a 12-page typed and undated document. No clues as to sender or recipient.
    B.O.2 1/226: a 6-page hand-written document on official Army Form B.104-115, used to report PoWs.  This form introduced as a result of Army Council Instruction 277 of February 1916.

    Some of the men appear on both of these lists and those that do usually have slight variations in their regimental numbers (224 tends to omit the L/ prefix whilst 226 is more fastidious). Most of the men here would have been regular soldiers rather than special reserve but I have not attempted to correct these hundred-year old lists.

    My full transcription of this Middlesex Regiment Prisoners of War roll call of other ranks (not reproduced here) also contains some or all of the following: battalion, home address, next of kin address, date of capture, additional notes and remarks. 

    Any errors in transcription are my own.

    14604 Private H Abbott
    8135 Private J Adcock
    6616 Private O R Addison
    L/9064 Private Alfred Aglington
    10811 Private P W Ainsworth
    14479 Private R Aldridge
    14182 Private J W Alexander
    14184 Private H Allgrove
    4640 Private A Alvin
    9351 Private A C Amis
    13801 Lance-Corporal W Amor
    L/8473 Private Walter R Amor
    L/11930 Private Archibald Annison
    9674 Private A Argent
    12654 Private E A Arnold
    L/10325 Private William Arthurs
    10788 Private A Ashley
    10136 Lance-Corporal W F Austin
    11492 Corporal A Baker
    14534 Private A J Baker
    14614 Bandsman J H Barnes
    11454 Private A Bateman
    6676 Private A Baxley
    7549 Sergeant Robert J Bayley
    10587 Private C Beal
    6571 Private A Bennett
    10946 Lance-Corporal A S Bennett
    L/9248 Private Edward Bennett
    9666 Private T H Bennett
    9889 Private G Benton
    14201 Private J H Berning
    L/10539 Lance-Corporal T W Berry
    12462 Private J H Bevan
    10502 Lance-Corporal C H Bish
    10470 Private H Bloomberg
    9216 Private John T Bond
    9256 Private Thomas H Bond
    6495 Private H Boorer
    13996 Private W J Bosworth
    9840 Private R Bourlett
    11717 Lance-Corporal H C Bourne
    L/9829 Private G Boyce
    9939 Lance-Corporal W A Braine
    9789 Private W Braxear
    L/8843 Private George L Brazier
    14518 Private T H Breach
    14574 Private H L Brine
    9778 Private J Britton
    14419 Private H Broadbridge
    12666 Private C Brockington
    6208 Private F A Brooker
    10063 Private F Broom
    8108 Private A Brown
    9334 Private A E Brown
    L/11059 Bandsman Herbert Bryant
    8170 Private W R Bryant
    9210 Private H Buckles
    12703 Corporal S D Bullen
    14397 Private W T Burgin
    L/11707 Private Stephen J Burkinshaw
    L/8315 Private W Byers
    9175 Bandsman F Byford
    14097 Lance-Corporal C S Carey
    13201 Corporal J Carter
    10418 Corporal W N Carter
    13125 Corporal S C Carvell
    9743 Private J Cassie
    13113 Corporal J B Caughlin
    13406 Private J Challis
    13427 Private W Champ
    10221 Lance-Corporal A G Chapman
    14692 Private J A Checkley
    11621 Private E A Chenery
    14340 Private F A Clark
    7746 Private G Clark
    14165 Private H G Clark
    14601 Private E P Clinton
    6914 Private T S Colisson
    L/9416 Private G F Collett
    L/8601 Private W Collins
    9344 Private H Collyer
    11920 Private C Connelly
    L/7366 Private W Connor
    11280 Private H Constable
    8474 Private A Cook
    L/10637 Private R Corker
    14554 Private J Cornwall
    13039 Corporal W Couper
    9835 Private W Coussins
    9922 Private C R Cox
    14504 Private J Craven
    8663 Private A Crawdy
    10340 Private R C Creedon
    9696 Private E J Crowe
    L/6793 Private G H Crown
    10698 Private C W Curling
    7748 Private H R Curling
    L/11319 Private G Daley
    10445 Private H W Dande
    9569 Private E H Daniels
    11422 Private W A Darling
    13753 Private P Darville
    6910 Private A E Davis
    14593 Lance-Corporal H H Dawson
    9138 Corporal L L Day
    13324 Private J E Daynes
    14629 Private W E Deal
    10586 Private G Dean
    10318 Private J A Dean
    14352 Private E Denmark
    13537 Private F W Denty
    13275 Lance-Corporal J F Dicks
    L/9761 Private Albert E Dickson
    11199 Private F Diver
    8990 Private H E Dixon
    8144 Private E Dodd
    11142 Private J P Dorgan
    L/11142 Private James P Dorgan
    6002 CSM G Downes
    10157 Private A E Eade
    8896 Private N Eckstein
    13825 Lance-Corporal J Eldrett
    7415 Private J Eley
    7483 Private W Ellis
    7351 Private J Emery
    8714 Private J M Exley
    14345 Private W A Fairhurst
    11572 Private H T Field
    L/11572 Private H T Field
    14499 Private E M Fleming
    8862 Private W J Fleming
    8535 Private H Floyd
    10834 Private W A Ford
    L/10834 Private W G Ford
    13434 Private E Foster
    8494 Private E Fowler
    14750 Private G Fowler
    9016 Private H Francis
    13959 Private J Frew
    14611 Private W Frost
    13013 Private B J Furman
    12816 Private E Gante
    L/12129 Private John T Garland
    13766 Private F C Garrett
    9904 Corporal G Garrett
    L/9999 Private William Geyer
    L/10431 Private H J Gibbs
    9771 Private H Gilbert
    14524 Private V Gilbert
    L/5989 Private T Girdlestone
    7994 Private A Glinwood
    8266 Private H Gold
    14625 Private S P Golding
    11184 Private A Gookey
    L/8296 Private H Gould
    L/11287 Private H Gould
    14234 Private H A Grace
    9650 Private G W Graham
    9094 Private S Grant
    14130 CSM H J Gray
    14357 Private C Green
    14065 Private E L Green
    9135 Corporal F E Green
    8944 Private W Green
    9788 Private W Green
    L/10732 Private William Grimmer
    L/7433 Private Walter Groening
    14056 Private W S Gurney
    9533 Private A Gurr
    8233 Private J Hammerton
    L/12500 Private A Harding
    L/9995 Private J Hardwick
    10259 Private A A Harlow
    9845 Private B N Harris
    9450 Private C W Head
    11451 Private H Hepworth
    L/11451 Private H Hepworth
    12500 Private A Herring
    14034 Private W H Herzog
    9038 Private W C Hewlett
    10713 Private A Hill
    14535 Private W H Hillier
    14450 Private F C Hills
    9613 Private A H Hinton
    14181 Private W J Holland
    10939 Sergeant J Horner
    14760 Private A H Hort
    9824 Private G E Howe
    8270 Private A Hudson
    6868 Private W T Hunter
    6086 Private W Huntingford
    9735 Private A Impey
    11227 Private A Jackson
    9255 Private W Jarvis
    14078 Private A Jenn
    14686 Private W I Johnson
    12322 Private G T Jolly
    14623 Private E Jones
    L/14721 Private W A D Jones
    14721 Private W R Jones
    11172 Sergeant G H Kelly
    10503 Lance-Corporal E G Kemp
    14723 Private F Kemp
    13397 Private T J Kemp
    L/10549 Private C W Ketley
    8760 Private A King
    L/6285 Private F King
    6385 Private J King
    11256 Private C Kirby
    5949 Private C Kirby
    6913 Private J H Kitchen
    L/6913 Private J H Kitchen
    13422 Private S J Knight
    11000 Private A Latham
    L/11333 Private Henry J Lattimore
    6318 Private E G Lawrence
    6635 Lance-Sergeant P Lawson
    10030 Private T Laxton
    L/13682 Private W H Layton
    14447 Private E J Lentz
    6694 Private J H Leslie
    L/11057 Private H Lodgman
    L/14711 Private A J Ludlow
    6493 Private F Maddocks
    10158 Private M Malone
    8257 Private H F Manning
    8488 Private F E Mardling
    11375 Private C Marley
    5631 Private A Marshall
    14557 Private A J Matthews
    8650 Private F G Maxted
    10929 Lance-Corporal E May
    14446 Private F C May
    10742 Private W McNeff
    11498 Private A P B Meakin
    9129 Private J G H Meredew
    9396 Private G W Merriott
    10878 Corporal H Miller
    7599 Private J J Miller
    8546 Private W L Moffat
    10940 Private A W Money
    6862 Private C Moore
    L/10845 Private F Moore
    L/11890 Private R B Moore
    14477 Private W Moore
    14087 Bandsman J Morgan
    12793 Lance-Corporal T J Morgan
    14714 Private W Morgan
    L/14714 Private W Morgan
    8553 Private H Mott
    13718 Private W Mulroy
    L/13718 Private W Mulroy
    8057 Private W F Mulvihill
    L/11687 Bandsman J Murphy
    12310 Private T J Naylor
    11757 Private E J Norman
    13675 Private G North
    8523 Private J Oakley
    10246 Private T E Oakley
    L/12858 Drummer J O'Neill
    14571 Private S C Otley
    8044 Private A Page
    L/14409 Private A C Palmer
    14409 Private A E Palmer
    12553 Private E C Palmer
    13970 Private F H Palmer
    10316 Acting Corporal W Panton
    L/10316 Lance-Corporal W Parton
    9319 Private A Payne
    10723 Private J H S Payne
    L/9940 Private William H Payton
    14144 Private J Pelley
    5777 Lance-Corporal E C Pember
    11833 Lance-Corporal E C Penney
    L/14381 Private John J Percival
    7845 Private J Perry
    13660 Private J O Pettitt
    8999 Lance-Corporal C A Pierce
    10128 Private J Pimm
    10287 Private T Piper
    10798 Corporal A Playford
    14343 Private G Poulter
    10512 Private F Powell
    13797 Lance-Corporal J H Pradby
    12823 Corporal W H Pratt
    14724 Private W H Prestridge
    8676 Private J Ramsey
    13798 Private A W G Ratty
    14292 Private W G Rawlings
    L/11570 Private W Ray
    7456 Private H J Raybold
    9539 Private L Razzell
    L/14765 Private T R Reader
    8855 Private W Redburn
    14312 Private D G Regan
    L/14312 Private Dennis G Regan
    13184 Private F Remnant
    9813 Private E A Rogers
    12630 Private V F Rogers
    L/11013 Private A J Rooney
    11485 Private E Rudd
    9486 Private T H Rudd
    7970 Private R Rumbelow
    L/1970 Private R Rumbelow
    9675 Private J E Rumble
    9382 Sergeant A H Russell
    10109 Private H G Russell
    12332 Private D G Ryan
    11679 Private J P Ryan
    14178 Private G B Ryder
    13034 Lance-Corporal J L Sabbage
    L/8322 Private E F Saunders
    13759 Private H J Scholes
    L/6224 Private H Schroder
    14029 Lance-Corporal A G Scoppie
    L/17742 Private P F Sculley
    L/10049 Private George Sculpher
    9912 Private W G Self
    9080 Corporal H Sheridan
    14553 Private C A Shipp
    L/11433 Private W H Shropshire
    13757 Private F E Sidwell
    12708 Corporal T C Silverthorne
    12581 Private F Simmonds
    12807 Corporal J F Simmonds
    L/10622 Private Ernest F Smith
    11067 Private G H Smith
    L/11927 Lance-Corporal George Henry Smith
    L/13070 Lance-Corporal H H Smith
    8095 Private R Smith
    L/9680 Private S F Smith
    10082 Private E Speller
    6551 Private J A Spencer
    L/8948 Private S Spink
    14058 Lance-Corporal W Stagg
    11176 Private T N Stammers
    14549 Private J T Stanford
    10989 Corporal J S Stanger
    7673 Corporal A E Steer
    10408 Private H Stevens
     Private E W Stevenson
    8124 Private J Steward
    6583 Private C W Stocker
    14584 Private H G Strange
    11155 Lance-Corporal A E Strapley
    9119 Private J Sykes
    9753 Private W J Tavener
    8246 Private C Taylor
    8558 Private F Taylor
    10817 Corporal G Taylor
    14177 Private G H Taylor
    13978 Private J Thomas
    Private T W Thomas
    9935 Sergeant W C Thompson
    11036 Private W Towler
    8032 Private D Trail
    9704 Private S Treverton
    10155 Private D Tyler
    14076 Private W J H Tyler
    9864 Drummer H Underhill
    8211 Private A Underwood
    10495 Private R Vaughan
    11238 Private J Veal
    10602 Private E Wakeford
    8720 Private A Wakeling
    13061 Lance-Corporal F Wakeling
    11694 Private A Wallace
    10721 Lance-Corporal B O Wallace
    9045 Private F J Wallace
    L/8306 Private H Wallace
    L/14344 Private A J Warner
    6010 Private W Warr
    8983 Private J H Warwick
    9401 Private A E Webber
    11991 Lance-Corporal S W Weight
    10715 Lance-Corporal E A Welch
    L/8851 Private C E Welsh
    9561 Private F G West
    14484 Private J West
    13906 Private S A Westall
    8593 Private W R Westlake
    8822 Private C A Wheatley
    8156 Private H E Wheatley
    14655 Private C Wheeler
    10822 Private F W Whiffen
    10419 Private C H Whitbread
    8562 Private A White
    L/9934 Private Harry White
    7649 Sergeant R C Whiting
    L/14233 Private Frederick W W Whittington
    6056 Sergeant H Wilmer
    8895 Lance-Corporal F Wilson
    12873 Lance-Sergeant J Wilson
    11014 Private W Winn
    7391 Private W Winterbourne
    11509 Lance-Corporal F S Wise
    10667 Private E C Wood
    14687 Private A E Woods
    L/9592 Private A Yardley
    L/6908 Private W Young

    For help with your own regimental numbering or military research conundrums, check out my military research service.