11 April 2015

It's all in the numbers

I have just posted a roll-call of British Army officers and men who died a hundred years ago today on the 11th April 1915. You can see the full roll of 125 men on my WW1 Remembrance blog.

I want to use this opportunity though, to make some observations about some of the regimental numbers that appear in this sad roll call. In general terms, what we have here is a real mix of innocence and experience.

On the one hand we have the regular soldiers; infantrymen who, for the most part have numbers in the 7000s, 8000s, 9000s and low 10,000s (I am speaking in very general terms here).

On the other hand we have a number of men from Territorial Force battalions, most of whom would not have been overseas for very long, and even men from the newly formed service battalions. For instance, 11932 Private Edward Armstrong of the 6th Battalion, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) died at home and is buried in Winchester (West Hill) Old Cemetery, while 18810 Lance Corporal J W Campbell of the 16th Royal Scots (the 2nd Edinburgh Pals) also died at home and is buried in Edinburgh.

There are also men of the Special Reserve who died on this day. A good indication of men who had originally enlisted in the Special Reserve are the number prefixes 3/ (for the Special Reserve) or 4/ (for the Extra Reserve). Do note though that this is hardly a fool-proof method as a number of Regiments had four regular battalions, and or three Special/Extra Reserve battalions. Note too, that the prefixing of regimental numbers with a number to indicate a Special or Extra Reserve enlistment was not universally or consistently applied.

In our 11th April 1915 list, the following men were original Special Reserve enlistments:

3/6317 Private Baker, 1st Battalion, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
LSR/2165 Private Albert Coppard, 2nd Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment
3/2019 Private Fryer, 1st Battalion,Wiltshire Regiment
T2/SR/01270 Driver William Perry, H. No, 1 Coy, (Park Royal) Army Service Corps
Z/7 Rifleman Joseph Prestidge, 3rd Battalion, Rifle Brigade

Note the variety of letter and number prefixes in this single tiny sample. The LSR prefix for the Royal Sussex Regiment was one of those prefixes which certainly was not used consistently.

For me though, the most interesting number is the number 326001 which was issued to a Territorial Force man, Private Joseph Clark of the 1/7th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. There is a surviving service record for 326001 Joseph Clark in WO 363 but this man did not originally enlist until January 1916 and therefore could not have been killed on 11th April 1915. Closer inspection reveals that he did in fact die on 11th April 1918; a simple transcription error which appears on the CWGC website only, and one which I have pointed out to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

The number 326001 belongs to the new TF series which was issued in 1917 and whilst it is not uncommon to find TF men killed in 1916 bearing a six-digit number issued some months later, to find a six-digit TF number allocated to a man killed in 1915 is unheard of.  I'll expand on this another day.

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The image on this post shows deck patients aboard HMHS Dongola, Gallipoli, April 1915 and is taken from the Captain J. Pearson collection photo album, the RAMC Muniment Collection in the care of the Wellcome Library.

3 April 2015

Enlistment and Service in Queen Victoria's army

I want to use this post to talk a little about the enlistment and training process in the late Victorian British Army. I cover this in some of my military history talks and I think it’s useful in helping to understand the typical Victorian infantryman’s career path. I’m going to use some real examples in what follows, and for the purpose of this essay I’m going to assume an enlistment term of seven years with the colours and five on the reserve. The story begins with the man’s attestation, that is, his contract to serve with the British Army for a given period of time. This attestation could take place at regimental depots or it could take place during recruiting drives. This from, The Army Book for the British Empire, published in 1893:

“The enlistment of recruits is as free and as voluntary as possible. In large towns a house or room is hired, so that men desirous of enlisting can go there and obtain from the recruiters, pamphlets and leaflets giving authentic information as to the terms and conditions of service in all the branches of the army, without having to be seen talking with a recruiter in the street or in a public house… Recruiters are forbidden by statute to enlist men under the influence of drink, nor are they permitted to take recruits into public houses to entice them to drink.

“Certain corps being more difficult to provide with recruits than either the cavalry or infantry of the line, by reason of a special standard of physique or of technical qualifications, recruiting sergeants and others are instructed to adopt a regular sequence, so long as these special corps stand in need of men, in recommending corps etc to intending recruits, viz:

a) The Foot Guards, Royal Artillery, and Royal Engineers
b) The territorial regiment of the district
c) The regiments for which special exertions are required to obtain recruits
d) Any corps for which the regimental district is allowed to recruit, as notified from time to time
e) General Service Cavalry, and General Service Infantry ”

It was not uncommon for infantry regiments to recruit whilst they were en route from one station to another and I have highlighted, in another post on Border Regiment recruitment, just how many men were recruited into that regiment in 1906 from outside the regimental district. Having attested, the new recruit was told to report to the regimental depot where he was issued with his regimental number. He would then train at the depot for up to three months before being posted to the home battalion.

The regimental depot was the administrative heart of the regiment and comprised a small permanent strength of around four officers and 60 men who had been drawn from the two (in most cases) regular battalions. There were also around 28 NCOs and men who formed the permanent staff of each militia battalion (which also had its home at the regimental depot) as well as admin staff, Army Medical Corps and Army Service Corps to carry out duties connected with the regimental district.

It was at the regimental depot where the man was knocked into shape. The Army Book for the British Empire has this to say about the regimental depot:

“The chief work of the depot in peace time is to enlist recruits for the regiment to both the regular and militia battalions, and to enter them for training and discipline as soldiers. “many a high-spirited lad will resent being ordered about in military fashion when he first joins… it is therefore most desirable that the officers and non-commissioned officers who are to be their first instructors… will set them a good example, give them sound advice [and] cheerfully assist them in the work they are called upon to perform in the barrack-rooms…”

The italics are mine. Rudyard Kipling, in "The 'Eathen", written in 1895, had another version of events:

The young recruit is 'aughty - 'e draf's from Gawd knows where;
They bid 'im show 'is stockin's an' lay 'is mattress square;
‘E calls it bloomin' nonsense - 'e doesn't know no more -
An' then up comes 'is Company an kicks 'im round the floor.

The young recruit is 'ammered - 'e takes it very hard;
'E 'angs 'is 'ead an' mutters - 'e sulks about the yard;
'E talks o' "cruel tyrants" which 'e'll swing for by-an-by,
An 'the others 'ears an' mocks 'im, an' the boy goes orf to cry.

The young recruit is silly - 'e thinks o' suicide.
‘Es lost 'is gutter-devil; 'e 'asn't got 'is pride;
But day by day they kicks 'im, which 'elps 'im on a bit,
Till 'e finds 'isself one mornin' with a full an' proper kit .

I suspect that Kipling is probably closer to the mark.

The majority of British infantry of the line regiments had two battalions, one serving at home and one serving overseas. When the new recruit had successfully gone through his paces at the regimental of depot, he was posted to the home battalion. These postings happened eight times a year and all men posted as part of a detachment were enrolled in the same company of the home battalion to continue their training. With eight companies per battalion, this system ensured that new recruits were evenly spread throughout the battalion and that each company could expect a fresh intake of new recruits each year.

Transfers from the regimental depot to the home battalion were supposed to take place on the following dates: 7th January, 21st February, 7th April, 21st May, 7th July, 21st August, 15th October and 21st November . What then followed at the home battalion was a further twelve weeks’ regulated training programme of 20 hours a week. For instance, the first two weeks comprised 10 hours of gymnastics with appliances, 10 hours of gymnastics without appliances, 16 hours of individual marching drill, turning and saluting, and four hours’ oral instruction. Weeks three and four comprised 10 hours of gymnastics with appliances, 10 hours of gymnastics without appliances, 14 hours drilling in sections in single file, two hours fitting on accoutrements for marching order and kit inspections, and four hours’ oral instruction; and so on.

The typical recruit would spend between 18 months and two years with the home battalion before being posted to the overseas’ battalion, this posting taking place annually. Remember too, that many recruits joined the army at eighteen years old and men were not to be sent overseas until they were at least 20 years old. The intensive training initiated men into army life and ensured that were both efficient soldiers and old enough to serve overseas.

In the image above, we can see that this man (5089 Michael Hooper of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers) attested on 8th June 1894 and joined his regiment at Naas the same day. He remained with the regimental depot for three and a half months before being posted to the home battalion, in this case the 1st Battalion which was stationed at Sheffield. He then served with the home battalion for 18 months before being posted to the 2nd Battalion in Quetta.

Hooper enlisted for seven years with the colours and five on the reserve, although this period of colour service could be extended to eight years if the man was “beyond the seas” and the reserve service reduced by a year to four years.

In actual fact he served for a total of eight years and four months with the colours before being transferred to the Army Reserve in October 1902.

The Army Reserve was essentially a pool of trained men who, having been schooled in all things military, swapped their khaki for civilian dress and went back to Civvy Street. Rudyard Kipling puts this into context nicely in Back to the Army Again, published in 1894, with his reservist fraudulently re-enlisting after having served, in this case, six years with the colours:

I done my six years' service. 'Er Majesty sez: "Good day -
You'll please to come when you're rung for, an' 'ere's your 'ole back-pay:
An' fourpence a day for baccy - an' bloomin' gen'rous, too;
An' now you can make your fortune - the same as your orf'cers do."

Back to the army again, sergeant,
Back to the Army again;
‘Ow did I learn to do right-about turn?
I’m back to the Army again!

A man o' four-an'-twenty that 'asn't learned of a trade -
Beside "Reserve" agin' him - 'e'd better be never made.
I tried my luck for a quarter, an' that was enough for me,
An' I thought of 'Er Majesty's barricks, an' I thought I'd go an' see.

The man would be “rung for” if “so required by a proclamation from Her Majesty in case of imminent national danger or great emergency ” but in the meantime his “’ole back-pay” was deferred pay on transferring to the reserve whilst the “fourpence a day for baccy” was the man’s “bloomin’ gen’rous” daily pay as a reservist.

Although fourpence a day was hardly a fortune, it was still supplementary to whatever the man was earning in civilian employment and many men choose to extend their period on the reserve by signing up for a further four years as a Section D Army Reservist. Michael Hooper did so and so did Old Sildiers Never Die author, Frank Richards. Richards was on Section D when Britain went to war in August 1914 and as a result, found himself in France shortly afterwards.

Michael Hooper though, was finally discharged on 7th June 1910 having served exactly sixteen years in the British Army. The first twelve years had been a combination of colour and reserve service, and the last four years had been as a Section D Reservist. This last period of reserve service could not be further extended and so Michael Hooper was discharged from the army.

During his entire period of army service he retained his original number, 5089 which did not change whilst he was ay the regimental depot and serving with the 1st Battalion and with the 2nd Battalion. Had he been recalled to the army when he was on the reserve he would have been recalled as 5089 Private Michael Hooper. His regimental number would not have been re-issued and when he was discharged, his number became redundant.

I have often wondered whether the Michael Hooper who would later join the Royal Dublin Fusiliers in October 1914 in response to Lord Kitchener’s call was the same man who had previously seen 16 years’ service with the same regiment in England, India and South Africa.

The image at the top of this post shows men of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers at the time Michael Hooper would have served with them. Extracts from Hooper's attestation papers in WO 97 are Crown Copyright, The National Archives. The medal index card image is courtesy of Ancestry.

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27 March 2015

Rifle Brigade - other rank PoWs 1914

This is an edited roll of over 304 Other Ranks serving with the Rifle Brigade who were captured by the enemy and became Prisoners of War on or before the 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page.
The majority of these men were 1st Battalion men and most of the men listed below were captured on the 26th August 1914. This data has been transcribed from a single source at the Imperial War Museum, namely B.O.2 1/184 which is a six-page typed list dated 6th January 1919. 

My full transcription of this data (not reproduced here) also contains the date of capture and home address against the majority of the names, albeit home address is often given simply as "Rifle Depot, Winchester".

The Men

5350 Rifleman C W Abbott
4429 Acting Corporal F G Abel
8231 Rifleman G Adams
249 Rifleman G W Adie
9679 Rifleman G W Ainsworth
7267 Rifleman G Allen
3656 Bugler S F Ames
9919 Colour-Sergeant J Archer
899 Rifleman J Banister
9596 Rifleman J Barker
4418 Rifleman A R C Barklett
9534 Rifleman J Barrett
8342 Rifleman J Barry
4053 Acting Sergeant A J Bates
6616 Rifleman G Beckett
4732 Acting Corporal R E Belham
7345 Rifleman F Bell
665 Rifleman A E Bennett
132 Rifleman W Berry
3574 Acting Corporal H Biggs
1524 Rifleman A Bingham
4163 Corporal H Birch
9341 Rifleman W Blackler
4289 Rifleman R B L Blake
5100 Rifleman E Bloxham
7083 Sergeant J Bone
9985 Rifleman F Boon
3703 Corporal W Borrett
1116 Rifleman J Bowles
3297 Corporal E Brennan
6676 Rifleman M Brennan
1733 Acting Corporal E Brentnall
5777 Rifleman H Brocklehurst
4733 Rifleman F W Brown
4683 Acting Corporal R W Brown
2694 Rifleman J A Brunton
3755 Corporal N Bryant
490 Rifleman W Bryson
576 Acting Corporal E W Buchman
7650 Rifleman H Buckley
8418 Rifleman A E Bulbeck
8516 Rifleman G S Burgum
9829 Rifleman H Canning
8093 Sergeant E Caplin
4917 Rifleman H Carpenter
4336 Rifleman H Carter
4434 Rifleman T Carter
6664 Rifleman W Case
147 Rifleman T Cave
4586 Rifleman A H Chambers
9999 Rifleman J Chapman
8764 Rifleman R Chappell
1082 Rifleman T Chessum
4933 Rifleman P H Clark
5068 Rifleman T Clark
76 Rifleman B Clayton
3449 Rifleman A S Clements
3967 Rifleman G Cleverley
113 Rifleman G R Clissold
3651 Rifleman W T Cocklin
1418 Rifleman J Coe
685 Rifleman B Cole
5589 Rifleman A Colman
2399 Sergeant B Conaron
7312 Rifleman G Conway
460 Rifleman C H Coomber
146 Rifleman A F Coombes
4469 Rifleman W H Cornish
2188 Rifleman A H Cox
8057 Rifleman G Cox
4323 Corporal R F Crawley
1183 Rifleman R Cullum
6402 Rifleman H J Currie
2469 Rifleman F Daniels
1806 Rifleman A Davenport
6703 Rifleman A Davidge
9419 Rifleman D Davis
6991 Rifleman J L Daykin
1380 Rifleman R Dennis
4684 Rifleman A C Dickens
698 Rifleman J Dolan
8065 Rifleman W Donnelly
4801 Rifleman W Donovan
4506 Rifleman H L Durrant
8370 Lance-Sergeant G Eaves
971 Rifleman B Edwards
2820 Rifleman F Edwards
889 Rifleman G Ellis
2628 Rifleman F H Ely
9284 Rifleman A G Evans
6996 Rifleman M Evans
1393 Rifleman F Fagg
1349 Rifleman C H Fanthorpe
9963 Rifleman J Farr
576 Rifleman B Farrant
9614 Rifleman L H Farren
284 Rifleman J Featherston
2772 Rifleman T Ferris
7522 Rifleman A Fielder
5190 Bugler W Fitzpatrick
2541 Rifleman W H Fleming
7652 Rifleman T Fogg
970 Rifleman J Ford
5081 Rifleman S Ford
1919 Rifleman A Franklin
9597 Rifleman R Garwood
9576 Rifleman A George
4372 Corporal E W H Gibbs
2438 Rifleman A Glass
724 Rifleman F Godfrey
4590 Rifleman A Goldsworthy
2183 Rifleman E Grayson
1198 Rifleman F Green
330 Rifleman R B Green
538 Rifleman W Green
1400 Acting Corporal L Greest
4974 Rifleman L Griffiths
1397 Rifleman T G Griggs
678 Rifleman A G Groves
8130 Rifleman W F Haines
9766 Rifleman A L Haley
1264 Acting Corporal G Hall
4066 Colour-Sergeant W R Hall
18 Rifleman G W Hamilton
3202 Rifleman W Hamlyn
4299 Acting Corporal J L Harding
9601 Rifleman F H Harnes
688 Rifleman H Harrild
6386 Rifleman W J Harris
4305 Rifleman F W Hatton
9036 Sergeant T Haveron
148 Rifleman W B Hayden
9687 Rifleman M Hayes
217 Rifleman F Hendicott
5631 Rifleman G T Hepworth
1053 Acting Corporal A A Heron
1682 Rifleman W E Heron
4964 Rifleman R T Hide
4847 Rifleman G Higgs
633 Rifleman A E Hills
9364 Acting Corporal W C Hollands
1315 Rifleman W J Hollier
7562 Rifleman H Holman
434 Acting Corporal J E Honey
9380 Rifleman J Honeywell
7648 Rifleman T Horne
9510 Rifleman W H Hovey
9371 Corporal E G Howlett
1723 Rifleman A N Huggins
8211 Acting Corporal H Hughes
3760 Bugler W G Hughes
7120 Rifleman H Hulme
9215 Rifleman J Hunt
9500 Rifleman T Huntley
8611 Rifleman J Hurford
651 Rifleman A Hursell
6101 Corporal W Huxtuble
790 Rifleman C T Impett
91 Rifleman F Ingram
714 Sergeant S E Ings
4334 Rifleman S Jackman
8406 Rifleman F Jackson
8121 Rifleman A James
3641 Rifleman T C James
6154 Rifleman G J Jenkinson
9398 Rifleman A John
7571 Rifleman G Johnson
9553 Rifleman G T Josey
4674 Rifleman B Keating
9959 Rifleman J Keeble
291 Rifleman W Kelly
7423 Sergeant W Kempton
3828 Rifleman W Kenny
98 Acting Corporal H Ketchley
1174 Rifleman G Knight
805 Rifleman H Knight
1229 Rifleman S G Knight
3471 Acting Sergeant W F Last
8841 Rifleman T Latimer
9876 Rifleman C Laughlin
101 Sergeant S W Lawrence
5061 Rifleman B Ledger
6858 Rifleman C Leets
594 Rifleman W Levy
9314 Rifleman H Littlewood
1719 Rifleman A Lloyd
6339 Rifleman J Macdonald
2291 Acting Corporal David Malcolm
6861 Rifleman G Mansbridge
508 Rifleman A Mears
7606 Sergeant E Midgley
7699 Rifleman E Miles
5090 Rifleman H J Millers
7624 Rifleman J Mully
6907 Acting Sergeant A Murley
8461 Rifleman H Murray
8669 Bugler G Nash
2645 Rifleman A J Newland
1102 Rifleman H Nicholson
4567 Rifleman R L Nolan
928 Rifleman J Palmer
6096 Rifleman James Palmer
2276 Corporal C Parish
1270 Rifleman A J Parkes
3643 Rifleman J H Parrott
156 Rifleman H J Parry
9744 Rifleman F P Pawley
9303 Rifleman C H Payne
4803 Rifleman F A Penny
1069 Rifleman J Perdue
537 Rifleman J W Petch
478 Sergeant A Phelps
2443 Rifleman W Plumridge
7201 Rifleman A Pope
8328 Rifleman W Portway
9454 Rifleman T Powell
4991 Rifleman S Price
9228 Rifleman J Prior
4821 Rifleman J W Probert
2150 Rifleman J Punter
9418 Rifleman Kenneth Ralph
3856 Rifleman Frederick Ranson
4623 Rifleman S Redditch
885 Rifleman W Reed
4471 Rifleman C Revell
4998 Bugler P F Reynolds
8951 Rifleman A Richards
4694 Rifleman A Richardson
7357 Rifleman P T Richardson
8371 Rifleman P G Riddle
9818 Rifleman A Ridley
8184 Rifleman G Rimell
8364 Rifleman G Robbins
4303 Rifleman W J Roberts
4622 Rifleman H Rood
7474 Rifleman R Rowe
1182 Rifleman C R Saggers
4702 Rifleman E W Saich
152 Rifleman W Saunders
6419 Rifleman W J Saunders
5040 Rifleman C Saveton
722 Rifleman L Savory
2179 Rifleman H R Scopes
4466 Rifleman W E Sedgwick
1076 Sergeant A P Sievwright
9874 Rifleman R H Simmons
358 Rifleman F W Slipper
4186 Acting Corporal F A Smalley
3892 Corporal W J Smart
6726 Rifleman A Smith
4869 Rifleman E C Smith
9338 Rifleman J Smith
9694 Rifleman O Smith
909 Rifleman S Smith
468 Rifleman R Southgate
5159 Rifleman F Spicer
8739 Rifleman R Spicer
999 Rifleman W T Spicer
6729 Rifleman W Stacey
43 Rifleman J Start
7658 Rifleman W H Starte
9977 Acting Corporal A Stevens
7258 Rifleman A Stroud
5675 Sergeant E J Symons
8407 Rifleman J W Tabraham
9557 Rifleman E Taylor
6886 Acting Corporal J R Thaxyer
433 Rifleman J L Thomas
948 Rifleman H Thorpe
5351 Rifleman W H Tibbolds
818 Rifleman A Townsend
1693 Rifleman A G Travers
2204 Rifleman F Travers
4727 Rifleman G E Tugwood
8288 Lance-Corporal C Turner
140 Rifleman C W Turner
8724 Rifleman H J Tyler
419 Rifleman R Tyler
6561 Rifleman A Vicary
60 Rifleman H C Videar
7319 Rifleman J Wakeling
471 Rifleman J H Wall
380 Rifleman C J Walls
687 Rifleman C Walters
4859 CQMS E Walwyk
4975 Rifleman C Watkins
4681 Rifleman E Websdale
8851 Rifleman G Wells
9930 Rifleman G A West
8015 Rifleman W K West
280 Rifleman J White
188 Rifleman W Whiting
8732 Sergeant A Whittaker
732 Rifleman A G Wild
9830 Rifleman F Williams
9337 Rifleman H Williams
8332 Rifleman W G Wilson
4478 Rifleman G F Winkworth
8234 Rifleman W W Winsor
4707 Rifleman H Wood
39 Rifleman S J Woodhead
7667 Rifleman H Woodings
6163 Rifleman T Woods
4298 Rifleman A Woodward

Any errors in transcription are my own.

The image on this post shows detail from the Rifle Brigade memorial close to Victoria station in London. I have borrowed this particular image from DRW's blog.

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17 March 2015

Norfolk Regiment - other rank PoWs 1914

This is an edited roll of over 200 Other Ranks serving with the 1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment who were captured by the enemy and became Prisoners of War on or before the 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page.
This data has been transcribed from the following two sources at the Imperial War Museum:

B.O.2 1/191, a 15-page typed list dated 19th March 1919 sent by No 1 Infantry Record Office. No 9 District, Warley.
B.O.2 1/193, a five-page hand-written list dated 8th December 1918 sent by Norfolk Regiment Prisoners of War Help Organisation
My full transcription of this data (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Date of capture
Home address
Next of kin
Next of kin's address
Transcriber's notes

6982 Private A Archer
6661 Private J Ames
6993 Private A Aldous
6712 Private Edward C Barkaway
7164 Private W Brighton
6344 Private F Betts
8952 Private R Brooks
8929 Private W Bygrave
8042 Lance-Corporal Lawrence Bullock
6944 Private William A Brett
7550 Lance-Corporal G Branch
6597 Private W Bermingham
8761 Private E Bruce
7570 Sergeant H Brawn
8645 Sergeant F Bishop
6289 Corporal J Brunning
8796 Lance-Corporal Leonard W Brittain
6744 Lance-Sergeant W Bancalare
8912 Lance-Corporal A Bone
8826 Private T Betts
8381 Private E Bowden
7227 Private F W Barnes
6737 Private John Bailey
8646 Private C Beales
7265 Private C Burridge
8722 Private H Beldon
6964 Lance-Corporal W Barnes
8831 Private Thomas C W Bailey
8628 Private J Biggs
6393 Private E Brooks
6929 Private George Barber
6066 Private E Barnard
8277 Driver A Chiverall
6354 Private Charles Cornish
7852 Sergeant F Clarke
7255 Private F Clarke
8788 Private William V Chapman
8947 Private W Cooper
8703 Private W Crotch
8717 Private Harold S Copeman
7228 Private P Calver
8754 Private T Cushing
9003 Private T Chenery
8917 Lance-Corporal A Coates
8740 Lance-Corporal E Cobbin
6360 Private S Crowe
8876 Private S Cooper
6827 Private Sidney J Cottrell
7249 Private C W Cooper
8248 Private J Dingles
8239 Sergeant Charles Dansie
7218 Private R R Dack
8741 Lance-Corporal Alfred W Deane
6421 Private F Downes
6586 Private A Davis
8926 Private A Edmonds
8733 Lance-Corporal Edward Edge
6788 Private S Elvin
8869 Private Thomas Edwards
8801 Private Walter H Fish
7792 Sergeant R Frewer
9056 Private A Fawkes
8045 Sergeant A Field
8790 Private S Fulcher
6439 Private S Fuller
8809 Private F Funstan
8895 Private Charles Fuller
6819 Private F Fuller
8957 Private R Gunton
6733 Private F Garnham
5382 CSM S Galey
8913 Private L Green
3290 Private J Greaves
7233 Private J Gathercole
8768 Private S Greystone
8784 Lance-Corporal Frederick Gillman
6622 Private J Graves
6946 Private F Gurney
7248 Private P Griggleston
7002 Private Victor J Golden
8679 Private B Golder
7123 Private T Gowing
7293 Private F Holmes
6095 Sergeant A Hawkins
8407 Private Francis J Humphrey
8020 Private T Hills
7447 Sergeant S Heyhoe
7987 Private R Hurrell
6805 Private H Hudson
8767 Private Henry Hill
6700 Private G Hart
6912 Private H Holland
6437 Private J Hardy
6328 Private W Harrison
8347 Corporal E Harvey
4143 Private W Huggins
8705 Private E Horton
6734 Private C H Hensley
8550 Private A Horton
6296 Private S Holmes
6685 Private Charles Hutchin
8487 Private W Jones
7018 Corporal Frederick C Johnson
7126 Private Arthur Johnson
8807 Private H Jolly
8187 Lance-Corporal W Isbell
7577 Private Herbert Kinsman
6820 Private H King
6954 Private A Lodge
7250 Corporal Frederick W Lansdowne
5799 Private James Lumsden
6607 Private David Lurkins
8877 Private J Lloyd
3/7330 Private Sidney G Lister
7330 Private S Lister
6750 Private G Littleboy
6389 Private J Lawes
8188 Private T Mills
8791 Private A Manning
6741 Private C Martin
6757 Private R Mapes
8772 Private W Marshall
7125 Private A Mack
8692 Private P W Mountain
8490 Private R Masterson
6601 Private E E Meeks
7118 Private O Mortimer
8897 Private A Missen
7003 Corporal H McManus
8493 Private P Nelson
8162 Private C Norman
7314 Private J O'Driscoll
8919 Private C Rutledge
7173 Private J Roberts
8955 Private W Rice
3/7950 Private W Riches
7191 Lance-Corporal F Smith
6505 Private H Smith
7189 Private Alfred V Siddle
6778 Private C Saunders
6753 Private S Snelling
7230 Private J Starr
8884 Private C Scott
6656 Private W Secker
7086 Private J Sherwood
8748 Private J Pollard
7238 Private B Pond
7778 Private F Palmer
8719 Private H Pellowe
8822 Private L Pilgrim
8825 Lance-Corporal George R Payton
6985 Lance-Corporal Ernest Pitts
7917 Private C Palmer
6708 Private Ernest Punchard
7175 Lance-Corporal S Pardon
8612 Lance-Corporal C Pettitt
7206 Private H Porter
6342 Private R Potter
8745 Private G Price
6895 Private A Ramm
8610 Corporal W Russell
7244 Private A Spinks
6721 Private W Secker
7235 Private H Skipper
8829 Private S Springett
8330 Private H Sheldrake
8859 Private G Sturgeon
8816 Private B Shorten
8943 Private R Smith
8749 Private W Starling
8731 Private A Savory
6324 Private R Sheldrake
4846 Private Harry Sheldrake
7103 Private W Scotter
6966 Private James Stewart
8682 Private A Snell
8938 Private A Shaul
6110 Sergeant Edward Sanders
9062 Lance-Corporal William Soames
6286 Private F Shingfield
6416 Private Ernest W Stackwood
7006 Private F Smith
6856 Private R Thwaite
8954 Private Ernest W Thompson
8792 Private M Tooley
6484 Private H Turner
8932 Private Arthur G Thurston
6828 Private T Tubby
7343 Sergeant D Tunmore
6812 Lance-Corporal C Tyrell
5577 CQMS Wallace S Tibbenham
7510 Corporal F Taylor
6547 Private T Tungate
6643 Private W Vincent
8494 Corporal W Underdown
6891 Private S Warren
6138 Private B Watson
8878 Private E Winn
7208 Private L Webster
8836 Private E Wilding
7327 Private F West
8778 Private A Wilkins
7973 Private A West
6776 Private A Watling
8292 Private W Webster
6383 Lance-Corporal Sidney T Woods
8681 Lance-Sergeant R Woodward
6516 Private J Wright
6481 Private E Wyatt
6720 Private A White
4897 Private C Whiting
7900 Private A E Watling
8633 Private B Wicks
6545 Private H White
6627 Private Thomas Yull

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13 March 2015

Gordon Highlanders - other rank PoWs 1914

This is an edited roll of Other Ranks serving with the Gordon Highlanders who were captured by the enemy and became Prisoners of War on or before the 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from a single source at the Imperial War Museum, namely B.O.2 1/178 which is a 62-page hand-written composed by the officer i/c Infantry Records at Perth on the 7th March 1919. My full transcription (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Date of capture

Home address
Next of kin
Next of kin's address
Transcriber's notes

There are over 800 names on this list, the equivalent, almost, of a battalion at home strength in 1914. The vast majority of these men were serving with the 1st Battalion and the majority were taken prisoner on the 26th August 1914.

There is a real mix of experience amongst these men. Numbers prefixed with 3/ indicate that the man originally joined the 3rd (Special Reserve) Battalion and would have been sent out as part of a draft to reinforce the regular battalion.

The longest serving regular, by my reckoning, was 5049 Lance-Corporal Robert Williamson whose regimental number dates to 1894. This man held the India Medal with clasps for the Punjab Frointier 1897-98 and Tirah 1897-98, and also the Queen's South Africa Medal with clasps for Paardeberg, Dreifontein, Johannesburg, Belfast and Cape Colony.

At the other end of the scale we have 1439 Private R Semple who joined the regiment in May or June 1914, twenty years later than Robert Williamson.

You can work out when the other men would have joined by referring to my post on Gordon Highlanders regimental numbering.  Here then, are the men, all 806 of them. Any errors in transcription are my own:

8798 Private J Adam
7071 Private J Adams
10416 Private J Adams
1152 Private T H Adamson
7627 Private R Adie
505 Private C Aithie
9554 Lance-Sergeant R Aitken
10174 Private R Aitken
8839 Lance-Corporal C Alexander
57 Acting Lance-Corporal J Allan
6731 Private J Allan
9435 Private J Allan
1083 Private R Allan
10541 Lance-Corporal G Allan
681 Private A Anderson
707 Lance-Corporal C Anderson
857 Private F Anderson
1225 Lance-Corporal E F G Anderson
3/6148 Private R Anderson
7152 Private J Anderson
9597 Private G Anderson
10364 Sergeant J Anderson
7232 Private R Anderson
6503 Lance-Corporal W Anderson
10491 Private H Angus
9897 Corporal W Annand
869 Private G Ansell
9121 Private W Armitage
10415 Private J Armstrong
9536 Private W C Avery
6522 Private J W Bailey
9771 Private B Bain
8500 Private J Baird
8948 Private J Baird
247 Private A Balneaves
1304 Private W Bannerman
9974 Private J Barbour
7021 Sergeant W Barclay
421 Private J Barker
7086 Private W Barr
10089 Private R Barron
948 Private R Beattie
7264 Private J Beattie
751 Private J Beattie
9401 Private W Beedie
9699 Sergeant J Beeford
9157 Private W Begg
7801 Private G Beharrie
7620 CSM T Bell
9583 Private P Bell
9784 Private R B Bell
9742 Sergeant J F Bell
10098 Private J Bennett
8594 Private F Berry
1166 Private T H Bertie
8629 Private David Beverley
882 Private P Binney
1200 Private W Binnie
766 Private A Birnie
8443 Private C Birnie
74 Private B G Bish
7214 Private R Blackburn
941 Private J H Bland
295 Drummer W D Blyth
1154 Private A J Boag
7184 Private David Boath
964 Lance-Corporal A Boswell
827 Private David Bowden
1110 Acting Lance-Corporal R Brand
1028 Drummer J W Brebner
7855 Private J M Brebner
9153 Private G Brodie
495 Private R Brown
757 Private W R Brown
9201 Private R Brown
9474 Corporal J Brown
10058 Private J Brown
7456 Private J Bruce
8676 Private W Bruce
197 Private R Bruce
10532 Private W Bryce
9255 Sergeant J Bryce
9943 Private W Bryson
1210 Private B Buchan
6665 Private M Buchan
9632 Private J Bullock
1030 Private J Burden
1301 Private J Burden
850 Private J Burns
10547 Private G Bushby
10604 Lance-Corporal H Buttberg
769 Private J Cairns
10696 Corporal A Caldwell
10328 Private W H Callister
784 Private J Cameron
659 Corporal J Campbell
840 Drummer J Campbell
842 Private J Campbell
1014 Private David Campbell
8971 Private C Campbell
9517 Private G Campbell
8781 Private David Canning
8820 Private W Carle
1276 Private R Carley
9638 Private B Carr
8590 Private W Carroll
10561 Private S Cashill
8885 Private J C Cathcart
8677 Private W Center
9180 Private T A Chadd
752 Private R Chalmers
1073 Private J Chalmers
1190 Private W Chalmers
9134 Private G Chalmers
6275 Private G Cheyne
7144 Private J Christie
1089 Private J Christie
8941 Private C Clark
6656 Private J Clark
9595 Private J D Clark
9377 Private M Clarke
9661 Private W Clarke
7276 Private T Cochrane
6701 Private J Cochrane
1237 Private S Collie
1044 Private J Colquhoun
9770 Lance-Corporal P Connell
652 Corporal J Connelly
8436 Private T Connon
9978 Corporal J Connon
6807 Private W Cook
9938 Private J Cooper
396 Piper D Copland
7129 Private J L Copland
10447 Lance-Corporal A Corbett
9254 Private R Cormack
1092 Private J Cosgrove
1214 Private A Coutts
9626 Private A R Cowie
802 Private J Craig
1196 Private J Craig
8508 Private J Crawford
9687 Private William Cree
7075 Lance-Corporal D Crichton
776 Corporal W Cruickshank
1240 Private A Cruickshank
6490 Piper G Cruickshank
7171 Private W Cruickshank
8915 Private N Cumming
981 Private J C Cunningham
1033 Private J Curran
3/3927 Private J Cushnie
6365 Sergeant J Dalgarno
7976 Private J Dalgleish
7063 Private W Dalgliesh
6969 Private James Davidson
9781 Sergeant W Davidson
9849 Private P Davidson
9971 Private G Davidson
9984 Private G Davidson
1058 Private B Davis
7868 Private P Dean
10453 Private William Deans
9249 Corporal R Dempster
7638 Private G Denney
9349 Private Thomas Dent
717 Private G Dickson
6866 Private M Dickson
9473 Private E Dickson
9613 Lance-Corporal T Dickson
7526 Lance-Corporal D Dickson
893 Private P Dilton
3/1016 Drummer W Dobbin
1099 Private A Dodd
7857 Private William Donald
1269 Private S Donaldson
8483 Private J Donaldson
9882 Private H Donnelly
6772 Private J Donoghue
1232 Private H Doogan
6454 Private R Dougal
10446 Sergeant J Douglas
9398 Private J Downie
1171 Private William Duell
9725 Private J Duff
63 Private G Duff
513 Corporal G Duncan
848 Private G Duncan
10204 Private A Duncan
934 Private G Duncan
658 Private R Duncan
9865 Private T Dunlop
9958 Private J Dunn
10133 Private D Durrand
858 Private G Dustan
7064 Private J Dustan
1003 Lance-Corporal J Duthie
9660 Private P Easton
899 Private William Eddie
9957 Acting Lance-Corporal C Edgar
1019 Private J Elliot
10448 Private William Elliot
9949 Private C Ellis
1306 Private J Emslie
1060 Private D Erskine
7136 Private R Erskine
9333 Private B Eudsor
940 Private W Ewan
9700 Lance-Sergeant J Ewen
762 Private W Ewing
10086 Private C Fachie
744 Private R Falconer
3/5075 Private J Falconer
765 Lance-Corporal J Farquhar
8911 Private J Farquhar
87 Private C Faulkner
10535 Private F Field
318 Private J Finnie
670 Private A Fleming
10423 Private W Fletcher
7439 Private A Florence
937 Private A Forbes
1300 Private G Forbes
8925 Private R Forbes
485 Private E Ford
970 Acting Lance-Corporal P Forsky
9120 Private A Forsyth
8713 Private G Foster
7661 Private A Fountain
7460 Private W Frame
1025 Private J Fraser
7466 Private D Fraser
10451 Private W Fraser
7000 Private A Frew
8734 Sergeant H Froggatt
9388 Private A Fyfe
10117 Private D Gall
10572 Private J Gamack
10645 Private W Garden
10269 Corporal J Gardiner
392 Private J Garioch
1117 Private J Garrioch
3/6598 Private E Garrity
6713 Private J Garrity
9462 Private F Geddes
6087 Private A Geddes
345 Private W Gerrard
1299 Private G Gerrie
573 Private Peter Gibb
10032 Private J Gibbs
911 Private H Gilchrist
6722 Lance-Corporal T Gilchrist
10043 Private J Gilchrist
10378 Private R Gilchrist
904 Private J Gilchrist
3/6186 Private A Gilhooley
1139 Private J Gilroy
534 Private W H Glachen
753 Private P Glennie
1076 Private J Gordon
7879 Corporal P Gordon
9657 Private W Gordon
9818 Lance-Corporal A Gordon
1158 Private J Gorman
1121 Private A Gould
1174 Private J Govan
9827 Private G Grainger
654 Private W Grant
693 Private R Grant
1007 Private A Grant
9506 Private A Grant
9644 Sergeant J Grant
9924 Private G Grassick
9434 Private A Gray
9729 Private W Gray
8733 Private W Greig
9609 Private G Greig
9762 Private G Greig
9782 Private J Greig
958 Private C Greig
9631 Private J Grice
3/5276 Private A Grigor
9163 Sergeant F Gurney
7186 Private H Guthrie
892 Private R Hain
7959 Private J Hamilton
8650 Private J Hannan
1142 Private J Hannigan
10443 Private W Hannigan
983 Private G Hardie
221 Private W Hardy
401 Private R Hardy
938 Private G Harper
10029 Sergeant W Harry
697 Private J Harvey
8532 Private W Harvey
106 Lance-Sergeant J Hay
696 Private D Hay
953 Private A Hay
9572 Private G Hepburn
7921 Private J Hickman
1250 Private H Higgie
698 Corporal R M Higgins
10094 Private J Higgins
7935 Lance-Corporal G Hill
9956 Private J Hill
441 Private J Hills
774 Lance-Corporal J Hilson
9950 Private F Hodges
980 Private J Hood
8464 Private W Horne
685 Private R Houston
9446 Private T Howat
9963 Private T Howe
250 Private E M Hoy
586 Lance-Corporal A E Hulme
9564 Private G Hunter
9490 Private David Hunter
9237 Private J Hunter
10611 Private D Hutchinson
9457 Private A Ingram
1162 Private J Ingram
284 Private A Innes
7795 Private A Ireland
677 Private T Ironside
960 Private J Ironside
7651 Private A Ironside
1204 Private T Irvine
7501 Private J Irvine
8724 Private J Irvine
1018 Private J Jackson
1201 Private J Jackson
9143 Private T Jackson
8765 Private J Jamieson
829 Private R Jarvie
991 Private T Jeffrey
10412 Private J Jeffrey
9995 Private J Jessiman
9907 Sergeant J Jessiman
379 Private W Johnstone
9380 Lance-Corporal G Johnstone
379 Private W Johnstone
378 Private S Jolly
8515 Private J Jolly
10129 Private A Kane
733 Private J Keen
6573 Private F Kelly
10372 Private Robert Kelman
9690 Sergeant J Kennedy
7701 Private R Kennedy
9378 Private William Kennedy
987 Lance-Corporal R Kerr
7077 Private J Kerr
7392 Private J Kidd
10101 Private J Kiltie
1230 Private A Kindness
8966 Private A King
894 Lance-Corporal William King
9213 Private C Kirby
9962 Private J Kirkpatrick
8818 Private T Kyle
7598 Private F Laing
605 Private J Lambrie
9342 Corporal Charles Lamont
1267 Private Peter Lamont
7585 Sergeant William Lamont
7478 Private T Langlands
3/6699 Private J Larkin
6923 Private J Laurie
862 Private R Law
9463 Private William Law
962 Private J Lawrie
10708 Corporal T Lawrie
1050 Private John Lawson
9733 Sergeant W Lawson
10118 Private C Learmouth
10371 Private D Ledingham
10409 Corporal J L Ledingham
10693 Private C Ledingham
7148 Sergeant W Lee
9412 Private E Leitch
10527 Private J Leith
10527 Private J Leith
39 Private J Leslie
6691 Private H Leslie
1164 Private J Leveny
5323 Sergeant G Lewen
9156 Private R Lindsay
6928 Private J Lindsay
165 Lance-Corporal W Livingstone
9494 Private J Livingstone
7710 Private J Loan
1339 Private W Lockerbie
9812 Private J Lorimer
9788 Private W Lorimer
10515 Acting Sergeant J Lothian
166 Private A Love
6942 Private M Love
9727 Sergeant G Low
8978 Private R Lowe
1252 Private C MacAlister
7549 Private H Machin
6685 Private C MacInnes
7977 Private H Mackay
9470 Private D Mackay
10396 Private J Mackay
3/5980 Private R Mackenzie
9888 Private R Mackie
818 Private P Mair
925 Lance-Corporal A Malcolmson
8644 Private W Manson
9663 Corporal W Marchbanks
7250 Private J Marshall
8950 Sergeant J Martin
3/6706 Private J Martin
8828 Private G Mason
351 Corporal D Massie
9455 Private F Massie
9826 Sergeant C Matthieson
9292 Private J Mavor
1002 Private G Maxwell
8760 Private J Maxwell
1008 Private J May
10670 Private A McAlister
1135 Private J McAllister
944 Private P McArthur
8547 Private A McArthur
9961 Private W McArthur
9358 Acting Lance-Sergeant W McAteer
874 Private A McBain
1170 Private T McCann
8579 Private J McCartney
1005 Lance-Corporal J McCombie
3/5764 Private A McCombie
680 Lance-Corporal R McConkey
7352 Private G McConnell
10587 Private J McCormack
7348 Private J McCulloch
3/5911 Private N McDermid
9567 Private N McDermid
584 Private W McDonald
811 Private W McDonald
9102 Lance-Corporal A McDonald
9175 Private A McDonald
9353 Private W McDonald
8851 Private J McDonald
9714 Private T McDonald
7174 Private J McDonald
785 Private D McDougall
1079 Private J McDougall
9427 Sergeant R G McDowall
7292 Private William J McEachran
1032 Private J McFadyen
426 Private J McGeichan
778 Private J McGinley
1093 Lance-Corporal L McGrah
9364 Sergeant A McGrath
1043 Private A McGregor
9981 Sergeant A McGregor
7404 Corporal A McGugan
10578 Lance-Corporal A McHardy
1035 Private A McHattie
9208 Private A McIlwraith
7400 Private T McIntosh
9278 Private G McIntosh
10682 Lance-Corporal R McIntosh
1425 Private D McIntyre
3/6018 Private R McIver
506 Private D McKay
3/5937 Private W McKay
8691 Private W McKay
9777 Private T McKay
517 Private H McKechnie
1176 Lance-Corporal W McKenzie
1192 Private F McKenzie
3/6694 Private W McKenzie
3/5918 Lance-Corporal N McKenzie
9755 Sergeant J McKenzie
732 Private T McKenzie
8900 Lance-Corporal C McKinnon
847 Private T McLachlan
422 Private A McLaren
9410 Private R McLaughlin
1169 Private D McLean
3/5629 Private M McLean
3/6127 Private K McLean
7258 Private J McLean
9840 Private C McLeary
9314 Private J McLeod
3/5573 Private W McLeod
8467 Private J McLure
720 Lance-Corporal J McMillan
3/5968 Private D McMillan
9492 Private J McMurray
9248 Private T McNaught
9890 Private A McNeil
1209 Private D McNerney
10091 Private J McPhee
9658 Private H McPherson
10143 Lance-Corporal J McQuillan
789 Private D McRobb
8548 Private G McWilliam
9280 Private D McWilliams
3/6262 Private P Mearns
1244 Private J Meechan
10153 Private T Meikle
1126 Acting Lance-Corporal H Merchant
6975 Private G E Middleton
8648 Private W Middleton
9791 Private A Miller
10646 Private W Miller
10672 Private T Milligan
807 Lance-Corporal J Milne
836 Corporal J Milne
1108 Private J A Milne
8663 Private A Milne
9903 Private J Milne
10189 Private D Milne
3/4477 Private J Milne
1086 Private P Milner
8541 Lance-Corporal J Minty
739 Corporal C Mitchell
1165 Private J Mitchell
1294 Private J Mitchell
9481 Private D Mitchell
10261 Private A Mitchell
10313 Private A Mitchell
10510 Private G Mitchell
7626 Private L Moffat
9198 Private T Moffat
9098 Private A Moir
365 Private D Moncur
126 Private G Montieth
405 Private P Moore
9740 Private W Morrine
6783 Private D Morrison
6973 Private A Morrison
7841 Private W Morrison
8732 Private J W Morrison
8772 Private A Morrison
9291 Private P Morrison
9392 Private D Morrison
642 Private A Morrison
1112 Private C Morrison
3/5627 Private D Morrison
9293 Lance-Corporal J Moses
9902 Private D Mowat
9801 Private J Mowatt
9520 Sergeant W Mundie
1217 Private W Munro
7563 Private G N Munro
7594 Sergeant A Munro
1069 Private F Munro
868 Lance-Corporal F J Murdoch
6790 Private A Murdoch
8983 Private Frank Murdoch
5675 Private G Murphy
404 Private G Murray
851 Lance-Corporal D Murray
1070 Private W Murray
3/5965 Private D Murray
10108 Private P Murray
10575 Private T Mutch
767 Private B Mutch
8596 Private R Mutch
623 Corporal G Mutch
9601 Corporal A Neilson
9834 Private D Nelson
3/5536 Corporal N Nicholson
9967 Private W Nicoll
3/5960 Private Donald Nicolson
6729 Private R Nishet
1421 Private A Nobel
9493 Private W Oakman
9440 Private J Oman
900 Private J O'Neill
7008 Private J O'Neill
812 Private W Ord
1104 Private A Ord
1259 Private J Orr
3/6680 Private John Orr
854 Private G Palmer
8740 Private J Park
10422 Private S Park
8474 Private J Park
971 Private F Paterson
1114 Private J Paterson
8790 Private A Paterson
9627 Private G Paterson
9504 Private J Paterson
663 Private J Paul
1188 Private A Pearson
804 Private J Peddie
530 Private J Petrie
8906 Private J Petrie
8892 Private Robert M D Phillips
7586 Private G Phillips
9997 Private J Pickard
1009 Private R Piggott
9472 Private R Pirie
7104 Private J Pollock
9147 Private M Polson
1211 Lance-Corporal J Pope
7968 Private S Porteous
9908 Private R Porteous
10178 Corporal D Porteous
112 Private T Pryde
645 Lance-Corporal M Purdon
102 Private H Rae
1077 Private A Raeper
417 Lance-Corporal W Raffan
825 Private R Raffan
10667 Private T Raffan
1096 Acting Lance-Corporal Raich
9181 Private H G Rattray
9146 Private A Reaper
8996 Private A Redpath
7513 Private J Redpath
572 Private W Reid
972 Private W Reid
7593 Private A Reid
9132 Private E Reid
9443 Private A Reid
3/5330 Sergeant J Rennie
7088 Private H Rennie
9607 Private D Rennie
928 Private J Rettie
3/6055 Private E Rettie
7849 Private J Rettie
280 Private J Richardson
988 Private D Richardson
9969 Private D Riddell
783 Private J Ridden
7751 Private J Riddoch
932 Private A Riddock
929 Private D Robb
1020 Lance-Corporal G Robb
1023 Private J Robb
1144 Private W Robb
9519 Private John D Robb
10428 Corporal David S Robb
7342 Private W Roberts
7800 Private D Robertson
9137 Private J Robertson
10024 Corporal J Robertson
10125 Private T Robertson
10589 Private T Robertson
10658 Private A Robertson
1052 Private J Robertson
1248 Private D Robertson
107 Private L Roddick
5059 CSM J Rogers
  9191 Private J Rogerson
436 Private G Ross
555 Lance-Corporal William Ross
8507 Private D Ross
10157 Private A Ross
6817 Private J Rourke
1141 Lance-Corporal C J Rourke
570 Private J Rousay
10180 Private G Roy
9256 Private W Russell
9799 Private J Russell
7969 Private J Salley
8442 Private J Saunders
10437 Private J Scott
9852 Private G Scott
60 Private J Scrimgeour
8565 Private F Selbie
1439 Private A Semple
8742 Private J Semple
9241 Private W Shand
880 Private W J Shand
8993 Corporal G Shanks
6754 CQMS P Sharpe
53 Private James Shaw
1271 Private J Shearer
9313 Private R Short
997 Private T Sibbald
1102 Private J Sim
7699 Private J Sim
8967 Private B Sim
902 Private J Simpson
1056 Lance-Corporal W Simpson
1150 Private W Simpson
6930 Private J Simpson
9970 Private J Simpson
828 Private H Simpson
5207 Lance-Sergeant F Skelley
808 Private J Skene
237 Private Skinner
1288 Acting Lance-Corporal F Skinner
9809 Private J Skinner
8422 Private J Sloan
3/6005 Private A Smith
7807 Private A Smith
9529 Private A Smith
9720 Private A Smith
10176 Acting Lance-Corporal W Smith
362 Lance-Sergeant R Smith
200 Lance-Corporal J Smith
3/6457 Private G Smith
7022 Private Smyth
9685 Private Sneddon
9649 Private Souter
1024 Private Spence
6383 Sergeant D Spence
8535 Private G Spink
9756 Lance-Corporal J Steele
831 Private W Stephen
7555 Private J Stephen
8603 Private W Stevenson
1249 Private H Stewart
10565 Private J Stewart
1332 J Stewart
3/6126 A Stewart
6779 D Stewart
7915 A Stewart
8680 G Stewart
9569 W Stewart
9999 Private R Stewart 10021 Private Stewart
10265 Private Stewart
366 Lance-Corporal A Stewart
819 Private J Stewart
10120 J Stirling
9578 J Storie
9337 W Strachan
10184 C Strang
10208 A Stump
1161 H Sutherland
7090 RQMS Sutherland
7520 Private Sutherland
8657 Corporal Sutherland
9545 Corporal Sutherland
9988 Private Sutherland
1101 Private Swanson
1026 Private G Tait
1431 Private W Tait
9579 Private R Tait
985 Private H Taylor
1053 Private H Taylor
6788 Private P Taylor
8864 Private J Taylor
12 Lance-Sergeant J Thompson
8836 Private W Thompson
423 Private A Thompson
633 Lance-Corporal C Thompson
8584 Private J Thompson
3/6141 Private R Thomson
8615 Private H Thomson
10406 Lance-Corporal A Thomson
1064 Private P Thornton
9829 Private G Thornton
10197 Private J Thornton
1247 Private W Tinto
7595 Private P Tocher
1378 Private T Todd
208 Private J Travers
9805 Sergeant C Troup
7901 Private H Trueland
10074 Corporal A Urquhart
1203 Private J Vallance
8602 Private W Vann
852 Private William Walker
8614 Private J Walker
8884 Private R Walker
10490 Private G Walker
1283 Private A Wallace
8991 Private J Wallace
10581 Private A Wallace
748 Private P C Watson
8852 Private P Watson
959 Private C Watt
3/5919 Private R Watt
10590 Private J Watt
7757 Private J Wedderburn
995 Private A Weir
9424 Private B Welch
7639 Private T Welsh
8599 Sergeant J Welsh
9150 Private J White
9633 Private W White
8743 Private R Whyte
8861 Private E Whyte
1229 Private T Will
1048 Private W Williamson
1242 Private J Williamson
5049 Lance-Corporal R Williamson
6616 Private A Wilson
7294 CSM J Wilson
7880 Private S Wilson
9923 Private J Wilson
1057 Lance-Corporal L/Cpl J Wilson
8934 Private J Winstanley
7934 Lance-Corporal R Winters
9234 Private J Wisely
7167 Private J Wood
455 Private W Wright
1039 Private R Wright
1105 Private W Wright
3/6009 Private C Wright
1245 Private H Young
8563 Private D Young
8998 Private J Young
10274 Private H Young
1040 Private J Young
1082 Private G Younger

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