13 September 2014

Dorsetshire Regiment - PoW Other Ranks 1914

Here's another depressingly long roll - 390 names - of regular soldiers of the BEF taken out of action on or before Christmas Day 1914. This is an edited roll of NCOs and men who were serving with the Dorsetshire Regiment at their time of capture. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from the following sources at the Imperial War Museum:

1. B.O.2 1/32 is a typed list of names of men which was sent to Sir Ernest Goodhart by General Secretary G M Willis of the Dorset Guild of Workers on 06/01/1919
2. B.O.2 1/34 is a typed list of names date stamped 03/03/1919 by officer i/c No 2 Record Office, Lennards Buildings, Exeter
3. B.O.2 1/38 is a typed list of WOs, NCOs and men. Although this list (12 pages long) is date-stamped 10 Feb 1919 by the officer in charge No 2 Records, the ranks given appear to pre-date those contained in B.O.2 1/34. Addresses also appear to be less accurate and more prone to typographical error than those in B.O.2 1/34.

Note that names of some men who obviously arrived overseas later than 1914 have been known to appear in these PoW lists.

My full transcription of this Dorsetshire Regiment PoW collection (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Home address
Next of kin
Next of kin's address

The longest serving man here is 4312 Private Walter Gawler whose number indicates that he enlisted in March 1894, over twenty years before his capture. Twenty-eight of these men were noit regular soldiers at all, but serving with the 3rd (Special Reserve) Battalion. The majority of these men had been with the battalion for a number of years, some of them for nearly six years, but 7210 Private Henry Chapman had only joined in August 1914 and by rights shouldn't have been overseas at all. His medal index card indicates that he didn't arrive in France until 18th December 1914 and so he must have been captured almost immediately. 

The Roll

7330 Lance-Corporal John Abbott
6675 Private Thomas Adams
7049 Private George Akins
7354 Private Arabi A Aldrich
6782 Private J W Allen
7999 Corporal George A Armstrong
5996 Private Frederick G Arnold
9529 Private William C Arnold
7901 Private S S Ashford
5860 Private Ernest John Astridge
7960 Private R Baggs
6825 Private Joseph J Bailey
5826 Private I B Baker
5967 Corporal E R H Banbury
5881 Private H H Barnard
5898 Corporal J W Barnes
7716 Private G W Barrett
3/5744 Private T W Barrett
7084 Private G Bates
6782 Private J W Bayliss
8002 Private C Beale
8630 Sergeant F Bear
8843 Corporal W Beer
6339 Private J W Belcher
7680 Private G Bevis
3/6520 Private J W Bishop
8139 Corporal J L Blunden
7891 Private A A Bodman
5913 Private W Bond
9544 Corporal H E Bowen
9525 Private A J Bown
9370 Corporal W S Brackstone
7455 Corporal W J Bray
9475 Private E Brison
5140 Corporal A W Brown
6452 Private W J Burden
6360 Private C Burns
7021 Private F Butcher
7021 Private F Butcher
9453 Private C Cailes
8273 Private G M Cailes
7698 Bandsman F Calley
7625 Private E Carne
3/5643 Private A Carpenter
9289 Private A S Carpenter
9541 Corporal P Carr
7211 Corporal A E Carter
3/6048 Private F Cave
7504 Private L Chalk
6579 Corporal H Chambers
3/5612 Corporal A R Chandler
3/7210 Private H J Chapman
7735 Private T Chapman
7870 Private J C Cheney
5676 Private A Chilvers
7059 Private J Chrystal
6633 Private H Clare
7086 Private E J Clark
8523 Bandsman E Clarke
7062 Corporal L H Clarke
7743 Drummer W E Clarke
7292 Sergeant E A Clifford
7306 Private F Cobb
9300 Lance-Corporal G Cole
6985 Private A J Collieson
7801 Private E Collins
9050 Private J Collinson
7701 Lance-Corporal A Constable
9392 Private W Cooper
7178 Corporal W Copley
7517 Private P J Couch
6687 Private J H Coulston
7630 Private J Cox
8041 Private J R Cox
7515 Corporal A F Creasey
8020 Private W Cripps
9312 Corporal A Crutch
7060 Private J Curtis
3/5747 Corporal L Dalton
6911 Private G Darby
6607 Private G Davis
3/5556 Private D Delaney
9560 Private H G Derrick
3/5533 Private A Dethridge
5837 Private S Dicker
9191 Private F Dicks
7287 Private J J Dine
6666 Private G W Dodd
6991 Lance-Corporal A S Douglas
9526 Drummer C E Downham
7384 Corporal B Drake
6765 Private W H Dubbin
9461 Private F A Dunaway
7744 Lance-Corporal E Dunn
7198 Private C Early
7568 Private E Early
8026 Corporal G A Eaton
6908 Private T Edwards
6937 Private J Eldridge
7799 Private W V Elford
6821 Private A J Ely
6922 Sergeant C Evans
3/6355 Private W Fee
9568 Private E F Fendley
8334 Sergeant W Ferguson
7388 Private E C Finch
6627 Private W Fisher
9707 Private A H Fletcher
6252 Lance-Corporal F L Flower
5873 Private G Follett
9491 Private A E Foot
8022 Private A Ford
9501 Private W G Forse
5929 Private W Fox
7998 Private A Frampton
7348 Corporal C Franklin
6571 Private A French
3/5542 Private F E Fryatt
9235 Corporal B W Fuller
6626 Private M R Gale
6995 Private H Game
3/5523 Corporal G E Garratt
7288 Private G Garrod
5000 Private E Gatehouse
6151 Private E C Gatehouse
8997 Corporal H Gates
8094 Private G A Gattrell
4312 Private W Gawler
7034 Private J Gay
7179 Corporal J Gibbons
8014 Private J F Godwin
8474 Lance-Corporal J W Gough
7275 Private H J Grace
6388 Private W Grainger
9380 Private A Gray
6112 Private B W Gray
6547 Private F Gray
8330 Private A Green
6867 Private C T Greenslade
3/5529 Corporal W Grew
7196 Corporal H M Griggs
9485 Lance-Corporal A V C Grosse
8204 Private E A Groves
9440 Private R A Gundry
7143 Lance-Corporal J H Gurnett
6847 Private H Gustar
7197 Private W H Guy
5943 Lance-Corporal N C Guyatt
8055 Private S Harder
6399 Private J Harding
7929 Private A H Harris
6820 Private H Harris
7602 Private A F Hart
3/5494 Corporal E Hart
8021 Private H Harvey
8342 Private R Harvey
8017 Private H Hasder
7666 Private H Haskell
7484 Private R Haskett
7056 Corporal J Hatch
5374 Corporal H Hatt
8382 Sergeant H J Hatton
6944 Private E J Hawes
9608 Private F W Hawker
7618 Private A Hawkins
8005 Private H Hawkins
6846 Private A G Hawthorne
6836 Private A Hayles
7952 Private E G Hayter
7495 Private F Hayward
7446 Private A Hemmings
7314 Lance-Corporal M Hemmings
7747 Private A Hewitt
6984 Sergeant R Hill
8106 Corporal A J Hinks
8068 Corporal G Hobbs
4411 Private F Hockey
6980 Private I T Hodge
7636 Private H Hodges
3/6653 Private J Holly
6276 Private F Hooper
6809 Bandsman A J Horton
6341 Private J Houghton
7988 Private H E House
7231 Private R S Hunt
8028 Private W A Hunt
6954 Private L M Hunter
5246 Private G H Hutton
8076 Private W G Hyson
6889 Private H Irving
6471 Private J Irving
6632 Private F Jackman
3/5641 Private L James
9477 Lance-Corporal E W Jarvis
7413 Private W R Jessop
9507 Private A F C Jewell
7214 Corporal C Jewell
7470 Private W H Johns
6807 Private E L Johnson
8042 Private B Keel
8307 Private E Keeping
6891 Sergeant W Kell
3/6054 Private R W Kelley
8643 Private W H Kellow
6934 Sergeant J Kelly
6635 Private E Kendall
7140 Sergeant D Kenny
7458 Private A J King
9603 Private G King
7669 Private G Kinge
7339 Private A B Kingswell
6569 Private C W Knight
5804 Corporal J G Knight
6850 Private B Lacy
6456 Private E Lambert
7813 Private F Lamboll
9539 Private W Lane
8183 Private E G Langdown
3/5563 Private F T Lawer
7690 Private A Lawrence
9446 Private A F Le Huquet
6897 Private J Lee
7505 Private E Lewis
6199 Private B Linham
7335 Lance-Corporal J R Little
6479 Corporal A E Loader
9558 Corporal J L E Lock
7667 Private F J Lockyer
6538 Private W Longman
8065 Private F Loveys
8416 Corporal T Low
5472 Corporal H Lowe
8995 Bandsman T Lyons
8606 Corporal H Main
9575 Private W T Maney
7101 Private J H Mann
6295 Private T J Mantell
8013 Private J T Maple
9172 Private F Markham
6458 Private F Martin
7542 Private S Martin
7512 Corporal C Masey
6285 Sergeant T Massey
7507 Sergeant W J Matcham
7983 Lance-Corporal A S H Maunder
7431 Corporal J McDonald
8144 Private A Meaden
6559 Private F G Meech
5551 Sergeant W Mees
7102 Private W Merchant
7186 Private F Miller
7027 Private W C Mitchell
7271 Corporal S G Mockridge
6826 Private H H Moore
6375 Private T Morey
7863 Private W Morgan
5346 Private W Murphy
7189 Private F R Mustchin
7409 Private A Myerson
7104 Lance-Corporal H Needle
6938 Corporal G Newman
7808 Private G Newman
8178 Private G Newman
9517 Private J O Newton
7702 Private F Nicholls
7302 Lance-Corporal T Nichols
6874 Private H Norman
8009 Private T Norman
6851 Private F Norris
7502 Private A Northover
7181 Private B Northover
9622 Private F Northover
7181 Corporal J B Northover
8219 Private A J Offer
7307 Private W Osborne
6916 Corporal F Pallett
7155 Private G A Parker
7205 Private T Parker
3/5696 Private W G Parratt
9452 Private J Paton
5905 Lance-Corporal William J Paull
6831 Private J Paul
8529 Private C G Payne
6800 Private F Payne
6881 Private H Pearce
6621 Private W Pearce
7948 Corporal J E Pearcey
7993 Sergeant E Pendleton
6549 Private F G Perry
8455 Lance-Sergeant W Perry
8863 Private C G Peskett
8994 Bandsman A J Pickett
6234 Private J Pike
6167 Private H Poole
7659 Private G Prosser
7663 Private R Quinton
6854 Corporal A Rabbitt
7128 Private S Reed
6443 Private C P Riggs
7687 Corporal H J Riggs
7564 Corporal W J Riggs
7581 Private H Ripley
7293 Private W S Robins
7437 Private T Roe
6662 Private G H Rowe
5316 Private J Russell
9538 Private G Ryan
9340 Private J Sansome
3/6000 Private W Sargent
7651 Private R Saunders
6878 Private H Scott
7759 Sergeant J Scott
9566 Private R E Sewell
8532 Private F Sharp
8908 Private T Sharrock
3/5538 Private J L Shepherd
3/6475 Sergeant A J Sheppard
8373 Private A Shiner
5821 Private B Shorto
7225 Private R J Sibley
3/6006 Private J Skinner
9229 Lance-Corporal R A Smith
3/6345 Private W A Smith
7754 Corporal G Snook
9174 Corporal A E Soane
9361 Private A Soder
6340 Private W G Spear
7711 Lance-Corporal S Spencer
6306 Private J Sperinck
9170 Lance-Corporal F Squibb
6586 Private F Stacey
7788 Private P Stanley
8853 Private C J Steele
9021 Private L J Stewart
5802 Corporal V W Stickley
9595 Private H Stokes
7276 Corporal G Sullivan
7738 Private R Swatridge
9422 Sergeant V A Taylor
7353 Private H Thompson
7093 Private A Thurlow
9327 Private G W Till
6615 Private J Till
7319 Corporal F Tilley
6676 Private H J Tilley
6994 Private H Tompkins
7283 Private G Tong
4719 Private A E Toohey
8438 Bandsman P F Toop
7606 Private Samuel Townshend
8012 Private W T Trowbridge
7692 Private C Tuck
7273 Private W Tunbridge
9478 Lance-Corporal I Turner
9666 Private W G Vickery
7615 Private T L Walker
7228 Lance-Corporal E F Ward
7567 Private A Watton
8097 Private A F Weeks
7397 Sergeant H W Weightman
6860 Private A L Welch
9178 Corporal F G West
6964 Corporal A G Westoby
9032 Private W J Wetherall
7749 Corporal B H Whensley
7090 Private C White
7662 Corporal C White
7677 Private C White
9499 Private C J White
7721 Private H White
7695 Private T White
3/6050 Corporal W White
3/6769 Private W G White
8366 Private S Wilkins
8493 Corporal G O Williams
3/5826 Private E Wills
6938 Private J Wills
6707 Lance-Corporal R T Wills
7448 Sergeant G Wilson
6361 Corporal A Winand
7435 Private G M Wood
7098 Corporal J Wood
9417 Lance-Corporal J W E Wood
8398 Private G Woodnutt
7857 Private G Woodrow
8006 Private J Wright
9534 Private W A E Wright
6383 Private W J Yeoman
7723 Private W Zebedee

The image on this post shows British infantry just prior to the Battle of Mons. I've borrowed it from Bob Osborn's Yeovil History website.

7 September 2014

Somerset Light Infantry - PoW Other Ranks 1914

This is an edited roll of men serving with the Somerset Light Infantry, who were captured by the enemy and became Prisoners of War on or before the 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from the following sources at the Imperial War Museum:

1. B.O.2 1/287. This is an eight-page handwritten letter and list of Somerset Light Infantry Prisoners of War submitted by the Somerset Prisoners of War Help Committee and dated 20th December 1918.
2. B.O.2 1/288. This is a 16-page handwritten letter and list of Somerset Light Infantry Prisoners of War submitted 6th January 1919. This list appears to pre-date B.O.2 1/287

My full transcription of this Somerset Light Infantry PoW collection (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Date of capture
Home address
Next of kin
Next of kin's address

The longest serving man here was 4461 Sergeant Patrick Williams who joined the regiment in June 1896. The most recent recruit appears to have been the exquisitely named, Morley Archibald Hargett, whose number suggests he joined the regiment in May or June 1914.

5456 Private F Allen
6926 Private J Anderson
6609 Private J Appleton
6712 Private J Arthur
6774 Private C Bailey
7990 Private S Balbin
7061 Private W Baldwin
7741 Private Charles Barber
7990 Private S H Belbin
9220 Bugler A Bell
6029 Private T Biggs
8981 Lance-Corporal C Bird
7315 Private A Bowsher
7043 Private J Branchflower
9463 Private R Buller
6950 Private C Bullock
9694 Private H Burgess
6739 Private Arthur Burt
7279 Private H Burt
8263 Lance-Corporal J Butler
7167 Corporal W Care
7964 Private F Chapman
6637 Private W Chapman
9203 Private W Clifford
8609 Corporal F Cobb
6975 Private W Coleman
9109 Corporal R Collins
7615 Private H Compton
7667 Private W Coombs
9583 Private S Cossins
7581 Private W Cousins
9418 Private F Cox
7936 Lance-Corporal C Craven
6296 Private W J Crockson
9545 Lance-Corporal A Cross
7512 Corporal C H A Dally
9523 Private E W Davidge
7338 Corporal E Davies
8198 Lance-Corporal J Davis
8035 Private A Dawson
9677 Private H Day
7341 Private E Derrick
7498 Private J Derrick
7004 Private J Dredge
7940 Private A Drew
9636 Private S Driscoll
9191 Lance-Corporal W Dunster
6188 Private J Duxberry
6700 Private S Dyer
9637 Private A English
9426 Private L Everall
5878 Private W Fear
7045 Private A Ford
7464 Private J Ford
7778 Sergeant W Ford
7361 Private P Francis
7576 Private T French
8955 Private B Furzer
6453 Private P Garter
7732 Private A Garland
9727 Private G Garland
7129 Private H Gillard
6997 Corporal D Gillespie
7196 Private D Golden
8843 Lance-Corporal E Goodman
7613 Private L Grant
7108 Private A Gray
7103 Private A Gray
7344 Private C Greet
7092 Private H Gunningham
7307 Private C Hacker
8735 Private D Hall
7360 Private T Hampshire
9641 Private A E Hanks
7418 Private G Hann
7505 Private W Harding
9731 Private M Hargett
9531 Private P Harris
8409 Private L Hartridge
9519 Private J Havard
7795 Private H Hawkins
9373 Lance-Corporal J Hawkins
9641 Private A Hawks
5324 Private G Hawthorne
8604 Lance-Corporal E Hayward
8346 Corporal A Heath
7792 Private W Hill
9482 Private S Hines
7101 Private C Holder
9675 Private J Hollick
9547 Lance-Corporal E Hopkins
7413 Private J Houlding
8354 Private F Hucklesby
7360 Private T Humphries
9552 Private A James
7823 Private W Jones
7471 Private H Joyce
7289 Private R Kates
7727 Private E Kerby
9527 Private H King
5446 Lance-Corporal W Knight
7824 Private J Langdon
8059 Lance-Corporal J Lee
9626 Private Thomas J Legg
8429 Private F Lewis
9684 Private F Linham
7234 Private F Long
4789 Sergeant H Lugg
9254 Private W Margetts
9213 Private E J Masters
7978 Private Frederick McCready
7303 Private J Meadon
8942 Private C Medhurst
8343 Private F Mitchell
6590 Private G Morgan
9366 Lance-Corporal W E Morgan
6653 Private J Mounce
6689 Private T Murley
7563 Private H Nash
6999 Private W Oates
7918 Private C O'Hare
9150 Private J Olwer
7667 Private C Pafford
7690 Private F Parsons
9682 Private A Peppin
9513 Private F Phillips
6778 Private P Phillips
9166 Private P A Phillips
9327 Private W Phillips
8294 Corporal A Phipps
7489 Private Albert S Pitt
9074 Lance-Corporal F Pocock
9595 Private E Poole
7835 Private George Popham
9618 Private W Porter
5968 Sgt Bugler J Prince
8496 Private F Pugsley
9149 Private W Rainey
9329 Private W Randell
9726 Private T Reynolds
6359 Private R Roberts
8185 Sergeant E Rogers
9517 Lance-Corporal Harry Sarsfield
7933 Private W J Sawyer
9656 Private Samuel S Sims
7274 Lance-Corporal T Smale
8742 Private P Smart
9553 Private J Smith
7412 Private F Smith
6960 Private H Soper
9568 Lance-Corporal S Southwood
7903 Lance-Corporal W Spencer
8037 Private E Squires
8328 Private J Stoker
7478 Private C Stokes
7620 Private F Stokes
6956 Private Frank Stone
9057 Private W Sullivan
7369 Private S Summerhayes
9632 Private W Taylor
5806 Sergeant W Tooze
7843 Private V Tout
9515 Private H Trask
7227 Private J Tucker
5569 Private O Veale
7996 Private B Wallace
7545 Private A Wathen
9399 Private W H Webb
6596 Private C Webber
8498 Private C Weeks
8962 Bugler J West
7634 Private F Weston
7534 Private T Whalley
9481 Bugler A White
7987 Lance-Corporal James S White
8834 Private A Whitlock
6661 Private James S Wilkins
9125 Private C Williams
4661 Sergeant Patrick Williams
6681 Private G Willis
7028 Corporal J Willis
7421 Lance-Sergeant C Wills
6703 Private G Wills
9412 Private R Wiltshire
8574 Private J Withers
7570 Private F J Young

1 September 2014

16th Lancers - PoWs 1914

This is an edited roll of the handful of men serving with the 16th Lancers, who were captured by the enemy and became Prisoners of War on or before the 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from the following source at the Imperial War Museum:

1. B.O.2 1/236. This is a three-page hand-written document  listing 16th Lancers who were captured on or before 25th December 1914.  Letter sent 23/12/1918 by 16th (The Queen's) Lancers Prisoners of War Fund

2. B.O.2 1/243. This is a single-page typed document listing four men of the 16th Lancers who were captured on or before 25th December 1914. No date or sender.

My full transcription of this 16th Lancers collection (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Date of capture
Home address
Next of kin
Next of kin's address

4757 Private C Bell
4831 Private H Bradley
1359 Private F Caunt
6213 Private Edward J Fermidge
764 Private J Godman
3047 Private F h Hibbs
5148 Private E G Hopwood
6108 Private S M Jones
5432 Private F R Oliver
5592 Private W C Pitcher

29 August 2014

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27 August 2014

Scots Guards - PoWs 1914

This is an edited roll of 278 men serving with the Scots Guards, who were captured by the enemy and became Prisoners of War on or before the 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page. Unusually, this list also contains the names of officers who were captured.

This data has been transcribed from the following source at the Imperial War Museum:

1. B.O.2 1/69. This is a 6-page typed  list to Sir Enest Goodhart sent from the officer i/c records, Scots Guards, Buckingham Gate, London SW1 dated 10th January 1921

My full transcription of this Scots Guards collection (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Date of capture
Home address
Next of kin
Next of kin's address

Lord G R Grosvenor
Major B G Van der Weyer
Lord Garlies
Colonel R I Bolton
Captain The Hon J S Coke
Major The Earl of Stair
Captain R Stewart-Menzies
Captain E B Trafford
Major C V Fox
Captain R H Fitzroy
Captain B G Jolliffe
Captain Sir F L F Fitzwygram
5380 Sergeant S F Abell
3183 Sergeant A Alexander
7393 Lance-Sergeant W Anderson
2215 Sergeant C Ashby
8370 Guardsman A Bailey
5386 Lance-Corporal J Baines
6675 Guardsman W Baird
6315 Lance-Corporal E Ball
5334 Guardsman H Barnes
4645 Guardsman P Barrow
6683 Guardsman A Beattie
8323 Guardsman E Beckett
6628 Guardsman G Bell
7878 Guardsman S Benson
6397 Guardsman M Binns
5086 Guardsman A Bishop
5881 Guardsman J Black
6487 Guardsman W Blackburn
8223 Lance-Corporal K Blain
8115 Guardsman O Blaze
8770 Guardsman W Bleasdale
8428 Guardsman A Borland
6889 Guardsman J Boyd
5228 Guardsman W Bradley
5426 Guardsman T Bradshaw
7657 Guardsman J Breeze
2882 Lance-Corporal H Breingan
2317 Guardsman J Brett
8749 Guardsman R Brown
6701 Guardsman A Brown
8316 Guardsman D Brown
2161 Guardsman W Bruce
5620 Guardsman H Butler
7413 Drummer W Calder
5429 Guardsman J Cameron
7702 Lance-Corporal W Campbell
6834 Guardsman A Carruthers
5833 Sergeant W Chapman
4389 Guardsman V Chapman
2696 Corporal J Christie
5355 Guardsman A Clayton
8218 Guardsman A Clisby
7638 Guardsman P Connelly
8228 Guardsman J Conway
8710 Lance-Corporal J Cooper
5563 Guardsman H Cornelius
5935 Guardsman D Crighton
8286 Guardsman R Cross
8532 Guardsman W Crowe
3468 Guardsman B Cumpstey
5680 Guardsman H Darby
6437 Lance-Corporal C Davey
6294 Sergeant C Davidson
7292 Guardsman P Deignan
6528 Guardsman J Devlin
4087 Guardsman A Dick
6116 Guardsman A Dickson
8832 Guardsman D Dickson
7827 Guardsman E Dobbs
8195 Guardsman R Dodd
6807 Lance-Corporal F Dodd
7099 Guardsman B Doherty
4633 Guardsman A Douglas
7177 Guardsman T Downing
8210 Guardsman A Drake
7121 Guardsman J Duffy
7499 Guardsman J Eakins
8269 Guardsman J Edgworth
8420 Guardsman R Edom
8066 Guardsman G Edson
6660 Sergeant S Edwards
3025 CSM W Edwards
2391 Guardsman W Ellis
9582 Lance-Corporal J Evans
5556 Guardsman J Fairley
7897 Guardsman G Fairney
4151 Guardsman J Farren
8347 Guardsman W Feldwicke
4802 Guardsman M Fellowes
8582 Guardsman W Ferguson
5733 Guardsman C Finlay
6244 Guardsman F Foster
8303 Guardsman T Fox
4562 Lance-Corporal J Fraser
5022 Lance-Corporal J Gall
7707 Guardsman R Garland
7405 Guardsman W George
6845 Guardsman F Gibb
8278 Guardsman H Gibb
6247 Guardsman J Gill
7505 Guardsman J Gillespie
8944 Guardsman H Glover
4560 Lance-Sergeant W Goddard
6743 Guardsman R Graham
7347 Guardsman G Gray
5193 Guardsman P Gray
9691 Guardsman R Gray
5016 Lance-Corporal B Green
7721 Lance-Corporal T Green
7366 Guardsman E Griffiths
6258 Guardsman E Hall
5523 Guardsman John Hammill
4991 Guardsman A Handley
7125 Drummer S Hannan
8948 Guardsman R Harrison
8575 Corporal A Hawkins
5817 Guardsman J Heckles
9364 Guardsman A Hedge
8381 Guardsman H Helstrip
6922 Guardsman H Henderson
7068 Guardsman J Heron
7390 Guardsman F Hill
7184 Guardsman J Holmes
7586 Guardsman A Holmes
4965 Guardsman G Holroyd
6806 Guardsman S Honeybourne
8579 Guardsman S Hook
7358 Guardsman V Howard
3353 Guardsman J Huggins
7932 Guardsman J Hughes
6301 Guardsman A Hughes
7398 Guardsman J Hunter
5406 Sergeant J Huston
8459 Guardsman R Hutton
3463 Drill Sgt D Ingham
7742 Guardsman P Irvine
9363 Guardsman J Irvine
4762 Guardsman C Jacobs
7739 Guardsman A Jardine
8019 Guardsman G Jay
6360 Guardsman J Johnson
3932 Guardsman J Johnson
7302 Lance-Corporal J Johnston
4482 Guardsman H Jones
7174 Guardsman D Joseph
7848 Guardsman C Keay
4664 Guardsman R Keith
8816 Guardsman G Kemp
8351 Guardsman E King
8243 Guardsman A Lees
7134 Guardsman J Little
7964 Guardsman A Livingstone
7694 Guardsman J Loader
7312 Guardsman J Lomas
8580 Guardsman J Lord
3377 Guardsman W Lothian
7093 Guardsman J Lowe
2702 Guardsman A Lucas
5530 Guardsman T Lyons
7219 Guardsman E Manton
9043 Guardsman S Marner
7203 Guardsman H Mathers
7314 Corporal A May
8030 Lance-Corporal W McCarthy
8658 Guardsman J McCartney
5703 Guardsman A McDonald
7446 Guardsman J McDonald
3492 Guardsman J McDonald
7650 Guardsman J McDonald
8934 Guardsman C McEwan
7268 Guardsman J McEwan
8934 Guardsman G McEwan
5027 Guardsman J McGovern
6466 Guardsman W McGregor
3356 Guardsman W McHugh
6337 Guardsman J McIntosh
7411 Guardsman H McKay
5398 Guardsman W McKenzie
5997 Guardsman A McKenzie
6192 Guardsman R McLeod
7559 Corporal J McNab
5825 Guardsman D McRae
4667 Guardsman J Melvin
7212 Lance-Sergeant W Middleton
8802 Corporal G Middleton
8416 Lance-Corporal Mil
6865 Guardsman A Miller
6098 Guardsman G Miller
8416 Lance-Corporal J Milligan
5044 Guardsman J Mitchell
6505 Guardsman J Mitchell
4999 Guardsman R Moffatt
8449 Guardsman C Montgomery
8682 Guardsman G Moon
8050 Guardsman M Morant
8274 Guardsman J Morley
8663 Guardsman H Morris
4325 Guardsman A Morris
5149 Sergeant J Moss
8205 Guardsman J Moss
8632 Guardsman W Neat
6667 Guardsman H Nicholson
8692 Guardsman C Nicol
5860 Guardsman J Osborne
3541 Guardsman J Ovans
10230 Guardsman C Oxley
7579 Guardsman F Parkinson
8688 Guardsman T Patterson
8451 Guardsman W Paxton
5299 Guardsman C Pearson
8311 Corporal F Pickard
7917 Guardsman J Pierce
4672 Guardsman A Pocock
8430 Guardsman G Pollock
8017 Lance-Corporal G Porter
6847 Lance-Corporal E Portt
8058 Guardsman H Preston
5693 Guardsman B Price
6421 Guardsman J Price
8159 Guardsman A Purvis
6306 Lance-Corporal D Pyde
6619 Guardsman H Quinn
8354 Guardsman W Ratcliffe
6888 Guardsman D Reid
5229 Guardsman W Reid
8455 Corporal W Reilly
8829 Lance-Corporal H Richards
2717 Guardsman F Rider
7919 Guardsman D Robertson
9376 Guardsman A Robertson
6969 Lance-Corporal J Robinson
8668 Guardsman W Roff
7300 Guardsman H Rust
8259 Guardsman P Sallie
8149 Guardsman A Scott
6264 Guardsman W Shaw
6894 Sergeant W Shepherd
8165 Guardsman W Shepherd
6151 Guardsman J Short
6655 Guardsman W Silverton
3990 Sergeant G Simpson
4818 Guardsman T Simpson
7431 Guardsman W Smart
7412 Drummer A Smith
9483 Guardsman T Smith
8464 Guardsman J Spalding
2880 Guardsman A Spence
8588 Guardsman R Spencer
3344 Guardsman H Stainer
5970 Sergeant F Stedman
7417 Sergeant J Steere
8545 Guardsman G Strong
2070 Sergeant H Sweet
7191 Guardsman H Tait
4947 Guardsman J Tatterstall
8895 Guardsman S Taylor
8949 Guardsman A Templeton
4617 Guardsman E Thetcher
8510 Guardsman S Thomas
4807 Guardsman G Thomas
8469 Guardsman C Thompson
9272 Guardsman H Thomson
6908 Guardsman F Tonks
7927 Guardsman S Wason
7630 Guardsman D Webster
7725 Piper J Wellstead
5062 Guardsman T Whiteside
8048 Guardsman G Whitney
7290 Guardsman E Williams
8199 Guardsman W Wimpory
5463 Guardsman J Winton
7713 Guardsman H Wood
7170 Guardsman J Wood
7773 Guardsman J Woods
6038 Guardsman F Wycherley
8783 Guardsman A Young

21 August 2014

3rd Battalion, North Staffordshire Regiment - Boer War casualties

I photographed this memorial in St Mary's Church, Stafford a couple of months back. It's towards the back of the church in what seems, sadly, to have become a general dumping ground for cleaning products, stacks of chairs, fold-up tables and other bits and pieces.

The plaque records the names (and numbers) of men serving with the 3rd (Militia) Battalion who lost their lives in "South Africa or at Sea" between 1900 and 1902. Details as follows:

3240 Private J Critchlow
6015 Lance-Corporal H Coomer
5199 Private A Dabbs
2206 Private J Finn
3229 Private J Finney
5027 Private J Keenan
1726 Private E Kidd
4163 Private T Latham
5932 Private E Rayner
9792 Private G Robson
393 Private P Rodgers
5790 Private A Salt
1621 Private G Smith
5462 J E Thomas
3659 Drummer G Williams

If  nothing else, the memorial is a graphic illustration of the toll taken on the British Army by disease rather than Boer shot and shell.

20 August 2014

King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regt) - Other Rank PoWs 1914

This is an edited roll of Other Ranks serving with the 1st Battalion, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), who were captured by the enemy and became Prisoners of War on or before the 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from one source at the Imperial War Museum:

1. B.O.2 1/134. This is a 12-page, typed list sent by the King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) Prisoner of War Care Committee to Sir Ernest Goodhart, dated 6th January 1919

My full transcription of this King's Own data (not reproduced here) also contains the man's home address (unless the man had not yet been repatriated) and, in the case of men who had died as prisoners of war, details of their next of kin and next of kin address.

There are over 200 names on this list, light by some battalions' standards for 1914 but nevertheless a significant loss of experienced soldiers.

The majority of the men here are regular soldiers although the numbers for 1604 John Ostle, 1964 John Haley and 2268 Henry William Berry suggest that these three men were from the 3rd (Special Reserve) Battalion and were sent out as part of a draft in September 1914. 2872 J Robinson's entry is scored through on the original list. His number also suggests the Special Reserve but a later enlistment in August 1914 and by rights he shouldn't have been sent overseas until 1915.

I wonder if the detail above depicts 4711 Company Sergeant Major Joseph Murray (seated right, waxed moustache) who enlisted in 1895 and who must have been heartily cheesed-off (as would have been most of the men) to be taken out of action so soon. The majority of the men listed here already had over five years' colour service under their belts before they were sent to France. The photograph was taken at Diepholz Prisoner of War camp, near Hanover; date unknown.

In the list that follows, any transcription errors are unintentional and my own.

10720 Private H Adkins
6127 Private J Allen
8236 Private W Allen
9581 Private I Anderson
10733 Private T Andrews
8529 Private J Arkwright
9189 Private S Arthur
7938 Private J Askew
7522 Private A Astley
7851 Private A Bailey
6083 Private T Baker
10885 Private R Baker
8503 Sergeant J Bamford
8071 Private G Bamping
6807 Private R Bendle
2268 Private H W Berry
7222 Private J Berry
8146 Private J W Berry
8001 Private W Bevan
8416 Private F Bishop
11061 Private R Blackburn
10225 Lance-Corporal W C Bloxham
8969 Private C Blundell
7729 Private J Booth
10897 Private W Booth
10987 Private F R Bowlt
7819 Private A Bradshaw
5778 Private W Braithwaite
9175 Lance-Corporal W A Bridson
7756 Private R Brierly
11154 Lance-Corporal T Broad
9848 Private H Brocks
8943 Private J Brotherwood
6228 Private J Brown
10871 Private G Brown
11077 Private A Budworth
8617 Private J Bullough
7492 Private R Burgess
7618 Private B Burton
8042 Private R C Burton
9555 Private J Butterworth
11140 Private J J Caine
7779 Private T Callaghan
8676 Private J Carter
7163 Lance-Corporal D Cartledge
10878 Private A Caswell
7099 Private J Clark
5909 Private G Colecliffe
9006 Private A Coleman
7622 Private J Cooke
10674 Private R Cooper
11117 Private J H Coulson
6488 Private E Coulthurst
10796 Private A F Cox
10931 Private T Crayford
8949 Private J Cross
8352 Private L Crossley
7432 Private I Crowder
9601 Private G G Cruttwell
6879 Private E Cutting
6674 Private J Dale
11056 Private J Dalski
10869 Private B Daniels
6626 Private W Davis
8021 Private J G Day
10388 Private W Day
11060 Private J Dickie
6409 Private E Donahue
10724 Private J Dunne
10923 Private J C Dye
10577 Private E Ediss
7104 Private H Edwards
8511 Private A Etchells
8120 Private A J Evans
7538 Private T Everitt
10602 Private J Farrer
5874 Private F Fielding
10253 Private M J Ford
5920 Private S Fox
8626 Private G Gallincre
9145 Private F Gardner
9178 Private J B Gibson
8789 Lance-Corporal F E Goss
5906 Private N Goulding
8167 Private J Green
8997 Private C A Green
10633 Private W Haines
1964 Private J Haley
7509 Private G Hall
7831 Private R Hammond
10120 Private J Hanson
9506 Private W Hibbert
8308 Private E Hines
7193 Private J Holden
8839 Private H Holland
11032 Private R Horgan
5926 Private J J Howard
7803 Private J Howarth
8721 Private S Hughes
10118 Private A J Hughes
7892 Corporal F Hyde
6737 Private J Jackson
8102 Private T Johnson
9597 Private J Johnson
10972 Private A Johnson
10887 Private W Keenan
8953 Private F T Kehr
7981 Private J Kerr
8887 Private G Kilburn
8589 Private R Kirkwood
7479 Private W Labrow
10762 Private R Lee
5988 Private C Lennox
5754 CQMS J F Linton
7977 Private T Lucas
7579 Private J Mack
6116 Private J Madden
6111 Private J Makin
8998 Private W Mansfield
9436 Corporal P Marks
8742 Sergeant R Marquand
6417 Private F Maun
10503 Private J McCall
10886 Private J McConnell
8040 Private J McDermott
8035 Private A McGregor
7745 Private J McGuire
8092 Private J McHugh
7033 Private J McRae
10858 Private T Mechan
5059 Private E Merrell
8331 Private E Miller
10928 Lance-Corporal J Milner
10964 Private G E Mingay
6085 Private A Molyneux
7025 Private T Morris
7507 Private R Morton
4711 CSM Joseph Murray
8385 Private J Murray
9223 Private J Murray
9397 Sergeant R Nicholls
5782 Private J Nicholson
10951 Private G Noble
8431 Private B Norris
8936 Private W Norris
8916 Corporal C E Oldcorn
8922 Private F Ormrod
1604 Private J H Ostle
10623 Private V Owen
10815 Corporal J Pendlebury
8810 Private F Pentney
10804 Private A W Perrett
7603 Private S Perry
8679 Corporal C Peyton
5096 Sergeant W Philpott
9422 Private E H Pollard
6153 Private W Poulton
8631 Private T J Priest
8330 Private D Ramsey
10977 Private E C Raysen
10881 Private E P Read
9262 Private W S Redda
11028 Private C D Redsten
7829 Private A Roberts
10883 Lance-Corporal D Roberts
2872 Private J Robinson
9881 Private F Robinson
7965 Sergeant P Rowlinson
8621 Private J W Royston
10801 Private H Rushton
7696 Private W Russell
7804 Private A Rutter
11062 Private J R Sandham
8378 Private R Schofield
6545 Private G Scoffin
8144 Private E Seddon
8372 Private W Shaw
8717 Private E Sheldrick
10255 Private W C Sherman
9102 Private W Shields
6163 Private H Sinker
6558 Private E Smith
7475 Private W Smith
9708 Private D Smith
9094 Private W Sutcliffe
10125 Private J Sweeney
7971 Private A Taylor
8380 Private J Taylor
10045 Private S H Taylor
10996 Lance-Corporal J Taylor
6481 Private F S Thompson
8075 Private J Thompson
8463 Private R W Thompson
6728 Private J Thornton
10893 Private W Tomkinson
6950 Private D Toolan
8084 Private M Trainer
10863 Private A E Turner
8079 Corporal J Waldron
8303 Private W Walton
6560 Private W Ward
8823 Private H Ward
10657 Private F Watson
7504 Private W Welsh
10988 Private F Wharton
8767 Private J Whiting
8664 Private J Whitlock
5977 Private J W Wilkins
7122 Private R Wilkinson
8987 Private W Wilkinson
7925 Private H T Wilks
7899 Sergeant J H Williams
6642 Corporal G A Wilson
8370 Private J Wilson
10898 Private R Winters
7847 Private F Wolstenholme
6896 Private F Wood
9478 Sergeant A W Wood
10970 Private L Wood
7590 Private W Wotton
9091 Private F Wright
10876 Private W Wright
10736 Lance-Corporal J Wyatt