17 October 2016

9461 Pte George Henry Byrom, 1st Cheshire Regiment

Here's an eBay win from yesterday. When this photograph was taken in 1917, George Henry Byrom of the 1st Cheshire Regiment was about 22 years old and had already been a prisoner of war for over two years. 

George was not a regular soldier at all. His regimental number, 9461, belongs to the series that was issued by the 3rd (Special Reserve) Battalion and dates to the 27th December 1912. His medal index card notes that he arrived in France on the 31st August and he must therefore have been part of a draft for the 1st Battalion which had been overseas since the 16th.

According to his surviving service record, George was captured on the 14th October 1914. A surviving page held by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) notes that he was captured at La Bassee, one of 55 Cheshire regiment men who became prisoners of war that day. The ICRC record was compiled at Hameln Prisoner of War camp and dates to 6th February 1915. Whether or not this is where George's 1917 photo was taken cannot be confirmed at this point in time, although knowing how frequently PoWs seem to have been moved around, I think this is unlikely. 

George was repatriated on the 12th January 1919. His name appears on two lists sent to Sir Ernest Goodhart who had been charged with ensuring that all men captured before Christmas 1914 would retrospectively receive HRH Princess Mary's gift tin. George's address is given as 30 Hatherlow Street, Portwood, Stockport, and his next of kin recorded as his mother. A note on the back of my PoW photo also notes Portwood, thus linking the photograph to my PoW list. Hatherlow Street has long since been demolished, but the photograph below shows the street in the background, awaiting demolition in 1967. (The photograph below is courtesy Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council which, although it has disabled "Right Click" on its archive site, has not, thankfully, found a way to disable "Print Screen". Thank you, Stockport MBC).

The Princess Mary tin data also confirms George as a 3rd Battalion man, one of only a handful of Special Reservists captured with the Cheshire Regiment in 1914.

A little bit more about the man. George Henry Byrom was born in Stockport on the 29th March 1895, the son of John Henry Byrom (born c1871) and Mary Ellen Byrom (born c1873), and the brother of Elizabeth (born c1897) and Sarah Byrom (born c1899), James Byrom (born c1902), Richard Byrom (born c1904) and John Henry Byrom (born c1908). The family was Roman Catholic and George's baptism into the Roman Catholic church survives in Cheshire archive records. The 1911 census records George's trade as a "Doffer in Doubling Mill" a doffer being the person who removed the full bobbins from the frames in the spinning mills and replaced them with empty ones. 

After he had been repatriated in 1919, George tried to claim a pension, stating that he had an enlarged heart as a result of "neglect and hardships whilst a prisoner of war in Germany". He also noted that he had been a patient at Uchtermoor hospital in Germany and Amersfoort Hospital in Holland. Notes on his record state, "claims that owing to enlarged heart he has had to give up his ordinary work in mill after five nights". His pension claim was rejected.

George married Elizabeth Pollitt (born 3rd December 1894) in Stockport in 1920 and the couple went on to have three children: George (born in 1920), Elizabeth (born in 1922), and James (born in 1924). When the 1939 Register was taken, George and Elizabeth were living at 11 Gerrard Street, George working as a ring doubler, and Elizabeth working as a ring winder. None of their three children appear with them at this address.

George Byrom died in 1957 at the age of 61, Elizabeth Byrom died in 1974.

If anyone knows of the whereabouts of George's medals and would like to part with them, please do get in touch.

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14 October 2016

1st Nothumbrian Brigade, Royal Field Artillery

It's been a while since I published regimental number sequences and so here area few regimental numbers with corresponding joining dates for men of the 1st Northumberland Brigade, Royal Field Artillery. This was a Territorial Force unit which comprised the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Northumberland Batteries.  The range below covers the period 1908 until June 1915.

309 joined on 8th April 1908
637 joined on 17th May 1909
766 joined on 3rd April 1911
1005 joined on 28th April 1913
1159 joined on 4th August 1914
1233 joined on 31st August 1914
1527 joined on 6th January 1915
1630 joined on 10th February 1915
2239 joined on 2nd June 1915

For those of you not familiar with how these sequences work, the idea is that you can use the dates above to gauge the joining date of your own 1st Northumberland Brigade Ancestor.

If, for example, you know your man served with this unit and had the regimental number 1346, it would be reasonable to assume that he joined the regiment at some time between the 31st August 1914 and the 6th January 1915.  Note that there is a subtle difference between date of attestation and date of joining, and this becomes particularly important from late 1915 onwards. A man could attest under the Derby Scheme but his number would not be issued to him until he had been mobilised.

Note too, that men joining the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Northumbrian Brigades were all issued with numbers from different series allocated to each of these units. The sequence above is ONLY for the 1st Northumbrian Brigade. My recently re-bound volume of the 1909 Army List - which is an object of beauty in its own right - states that, in 1909 at least, this unit was headquartered at Barrack Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne with the Duke of Northumberland as its Honorary Colonel

After the war, C H Ommaney wrote the Brigade history which these days is scarce but obtainable from around £75. At the time of writing, Turner Donovan books has a copy.

The image on this page shows RFA territorials, unit unknown.

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1 October 2016

Re-numbered after death

Over on my WW1 Remembrance blog I have just posted a depressing roll call of close to a thousand men who lost their lives one hundred years ago today on the 1st October 1916.

There are a lot of Territorial Force infantrymen included in this roll, 114 of whom have six-digit numbers which belong to new regimental number series which would not come into effect until the 1st March 1917. So why re-number men who had been killed five months earlier? The answer is simple. These men were all reported missing in action on the 1st October 1916 and would not be officially presumed killed in action until a year later (or until their remains were positively identified, whichever was the soonest).

Of these 114 men, 91 have no known grave and are commemorated on the memorial at Thiepval; they were never found. Twenty of these re-numbered men are buried in Warlencourt British Cemetery, a Lutyens cemetery which I visited in July this year. According to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the cemetery was made in late 1919 when graves from smaller cemeteries and the battlefields of Warlencourt and Le Sars were brought in.

Here, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission records can be extremely helpful as they usually include concentration reports and graves registration documents.  For example, 276032 Private John Hanson of the 1/7th Durham Light Infantry was originally brought in from a battlefield grave and recorded as 370 Pte W H Hansen. This was later corrected to 3750 Pte W H Hanson, although he had long since been re-numbered as 276032 Pte W H Hanson and it is this six-digit number which appears on his headstone at Warlencourt. These CWGC reports are therefore useful in locating a man's original number, although these may also appear in the Soldiers' Effects Register, published over on Ancestry.

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25 September 2016

4th (Queen's Own) Hussars - other rank PoWs 1914

The following 25 men were all serving with the 4th Hussars when they were captured in 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page. This data has been transcribed from the Imperial War Museum's collection, specifically item B.O.2 1//153 which is an eight page hand-written letter dated 1919 at York and sent by the officer i/c cavalry records (Hussars).  Many pages are virtually unreadable due to fading.   My full transcription of these men (not reproduced here) also contains the home address of most of the men.

The full transcription is available for sale as part of a Hussars PoW roll - 350+ names in all - for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

8544 John J Ballancie 
7801 Lance-Corporal G R Berry 
9957 George R Berry 
5653 Private James Braine 
1271 Private Patrick Brennan 
9564 Alexander F Brightley 
2217 Private A E Caldwell 
6049 Ernest Collis 
448 Private Patrick Costello 
4163 Private P Dempsey 
1217 Private Herbert P Dommett
9961 Private Harold A Emberson 
9951 John Fanning 
1244 Harry Fitzell 
10081 Private Percival Germains 
10026 Private Frank Hay
3046 Private Albert Jennings
7027 Arthur Moss 
6267 Edgar G Peters
2261 Private Percy F Sandford 
2133 Arthur J P Smith
1236 Private Samuel Smylie
9575 Frederick Tapp 
4830 J Taylor
5328 Private Melton Waterfield

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19 September 2016

3rd (King's Own) Hussars - Other Rank PoWs 1914

The following ten men were all serving with the 3rd Hussars when they were captured in 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page. This data has been transcribed from the Imperial War Museum's collection, specifically item B.O.2 1//152,   My full transcription of these men (not reproduced here) also contains the home address of each of the men.

The full transcription is available for sale as part of a Hussars PoW roll - 350+ names in all - for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

3143 Bandsman Herbert E Browning 
9759 Lance-Corporal Oliver M Buckner 
10206 Private Albert F Butler 
4454 Private W Freeman 
45108 Private J Grey 
45092 Bandsman A R Hodson 
10493 Private F C March 
9154 Private A F Paterson 
45015 Sergeant P Randall 
9084 Lance-Corporal E Taylor

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10 September 2016

S-28524 Pte Leonard Thomas Bouchard, Rifle Brigade

Leonard Thomas Bouchard's First World War campaign medals are unremarkable. Like many men, he probably had an unremarkable war too. Nevertheless, that British War Medal and inter-allied Victory Medal are evidence that he served overseas or, to use a phrase current at the time, "did his bit" for King and Country.  Having bought his medals on eBay recently, the least I could do was to find out a bit more about him. This then, is his unremarkable story.

Leonard Bouchard was born in Bethnal Green, east London on the on the 9th September 1896 (in other words, one hundred and twenty years ago, yesterday). He was the son of William and Florence Bouchard and the younger brother of William Robert Bouchard (born . Another brother, Richard Thomas Bouchard, would be born in 1901.

William Bouchard senior was a french polisher by trade, and when the 1901 census was taken, the family was living at 30 Burgoyne Road, Bethnal Green. Ten years later, however, the family had moved on and was living at 20 Kingsley Road, Walthamstow. That's the house on the left in the image - courtesy of Google - below.  

Leonard's regimental number, S-28524, dates to the end of June 1916. It is possible that he had attested under the Derby Scheme in 1915 and been called up in in June 1916 although I think, given his age in 1916, that this is unlikely. Had he attested under the Derby Scheme, as a single man he would have been place in Group 2, and this group was mobilised in January 1916. I think it more likely that Leonard was conscripted and that he probably remained in the UK until December 1916 before sailing for France.

Leonard served overseas with the 2nd Battalion and later with the 12th Battalion. It's possible that the posting from one battalion to another was a result of wounding with the 2nd Battalion, recuperation and then posting to the 12th Battalion. In the absence of a surviving service or pension record, however, this must remain conjecture.

The 2nd Battalion was a regular battalion which formed part of the 25th Brigade in the 8th Division. The 12th (Service) Battalion was a new army battalion which formed part of the 60th Brigade in the 20th (Light) Division; the same division in which my grandfather's brother, Sidney Herbert Nixon, also served.

Leonard survived the war and married Mary Heatley in 1920. The couple went on to have two daughters: Iris F Bouchard born in 1923, and Jeanne M Bouchard born in 1929. Leonard and Mary's marriage and their daughters' births were all registered in West Ham district.

By the time the 1939 Register was taken, Leonard and his family were living in Liverpool Road, Islington, with Leonard's trade recorded as "Omnibus Conductor". He died in 1974, his death registered at Waltham Forest in the third quarter of that year,

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27 August 2016

Royal Scots Fusiliers - other rank PoWs 1914

This is an edited roll of Other Ranks serving with the Royal Scots Fusiliers who were captured by the enemy and became Prisoners of War on or before the 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from a single source held at the Imperial War Museum, namely B.O.2 1/297  My full transcription (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Home address
Date of capture
Date of repatriation
Next of kin
Next of kin's address
Transcriber's notes

There are 462 names on this list and you can buy a copy of it
 as a download or CD for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy. 
Any errors in transcription are my own:

I also offer a comprehensive, fast and cost-effective military history research service. Follow the link for more information. 

9340 Corporal H Adams 
6340 Private J Adams 
6360 Private J Adeno 
6466 Private James Airlie 
8516 Private W Alder 
10537 Private J Alexander 
10173 Private T K Allan 
4647 Private A Anderson 
7809 Private C H Archer 
10450 Private P Arnott 
7362 Private J Auld 
8981 Private G Bailey 
6278 Private W Baillie 
10302 Private H Baird 
7895 Corporal W Bambridge 
10705 Private T Bathe 
9110 Private J T Batt 
8063 Private W Baxter 
7754 Sergeant J Bedford 
10819 Private Henry Beinstadt 
10213 Lance-Corporal H Bell 
10015 Private J Bell 
6830 Lance-Corporal T Bell 
8506 Private W Bell 
4771 Private A H Bellmaine 
6060 Private T Bemrose 
8345 Private J Bennett 
8343 Private G W Berry 
9475 Private R Berry 
8473 Private Alexander Blair 
8145 Private J Bowie 
8323 Private Percy Bowsher 
7421 Private Robert Brabrook 
8247 Private J Brakewell 
10453 Private J Bray 
8496 Private P J Breadon 
10452 Corporal C A Brewer 
6418 Private J Brown 
6456 Private William Brown 
7963 Pte G Brunt 
6615 Private J Brydon 
10206 Private J Bryle 
5487 Private J Buchanan 
6446 Sergeant H G Bucher
9877 Private John Buckett 
8883 Private A Bunce 
5898 Private T Burne 
10067 Private T Burns
9299 Lance-Corporal R Burrows 
9399 Private Edward F OR Edgar F Burt 
9052 Private H Burt 
8929 Corporal H B Butcher 
8877 Private W Butler 
9624 Sergeant E Cable 
6145 Private J Cairns
9948 Sergeant T Cairns 
6687 Private J Caldwell 
10847 Private G Campbell 
7430 Private H Campbell 
9584 Private James Campbell 
6016 Private Rodger Campbell 
10654 Corporal T Capewell
9964 Private Alexander Carnehan 
10372 Private J C Carney 
6684 Private H Cassidy 
7748 Private J E Chatterton 
7667 Private T Christie 
9466 Private G T Clark 
7882 Private John Clark 
8948 Private W Clark 
7485 Corporal F Clarke 
6462 Private J Clarke 
10255 Lance-Corporal E Coleman 
9625 Private J Collins 
6427 Acting Corporal T Collins 
6700 Private J Connolly 
10512 Private H Conroy 
6321 Private F G Cooper 
9192 Private F J Cooper 
9228 Private J Cooper 
8890 Sergeant Cornhill 
8812 Corporal A Cornish 
10741 Private A Coultart 
9966 Private A C Courtney 
6267 Private H Coyle 
10515 Private T Coyle 
9680 Private J Craig 
7995 Private J Critchlow 
10225 Corporal J E Cront 
10620 Private H Cross 
9840 Private W E Cruickshank 
9017 Private A Currell 
5591 Private J Currie 
11034 Private L Cutler 
6524 Private Ernest H Dagless 
7779 Corporal M Dalaney 
7660 Lance-Corporal W Dalby 
5647 Private W J Dallas 
10135 Private Felix Darcey 
8891 Private W Daury 
10540 Private Frederick De Rome 
8501 Private G Dearman 
7999 Private P C Defrates 
7021 Private M Dempsey 
9602 Private W Dennitto 
10116 Lance-Corporal D Dickie 
8917 Private J A Dillon 
10354 Private C Disckson 
6693 Private J Dobson 
10360 Private S Dodwell 
8244 Private D Donaldson 
8828 Private J Donaldson 
7782 Private J Donnelly 
7492 Private A Douglas 
6723 Private Joseph A Dowling 
6904 Private Arthur Downs 
9961 Private A Drinkwater 
10032 Private L Drury 
9036 Private W S Dudley 
9071 Lance-Corporal W Duffield 
8935 Private T Duffy 
8554 Private A Duncan 
8740 Lance-Sergeant D Duncan 
11077 Private J Duncan 
8321 Private W Duncan 
9717 Private J W J Dye
 9211 Private H Early 
8205 Private H East 
4453 Private J Easton 
7319 Private J Eaton 
6847 Private J Eaton 
8422 Sergeant F Edlin 
7216 Private R Edwards 
9279 Private C Elgram 
8057 Private W Ellam 
9027 Private J Elliott 
7007 Private J Ellis 
10967 Private G Elwell 
Private W A Emery 
9267 Drummer J English 
10401 Private E Fahy 
8007 Private A Fairclough 
8412 Lance-Corporal S E Fanes 
7971 Private H Farrow 
10153 Private J Fegan 
5202 Private S Fegan 
9439 Private J Feilding 
9981 Private G Fensome 
10780 Private A Fergus 
7701 Private J Ferguson 
10417 Private J Ferguson 
9251 Private T Fisher 
10836 Private W Fisher 
10535 Private J Fitzpatrick 
10823 Private R Flemming 
6364 Private G Forsyth 
9576 Private A Franklin 
9007 Private F Franklin
 8016 Private J Franks 
7515 Private J Fraser 
10844 Private J Frew 
10721 Private E Friary 
9838 Private A Fyfe 
8579 Private R Gallagher 
9959 Lance-Corporal R Gardener 
10629 Corporal T J Gaynor 
5656 Private W H George 
10275 Private T Gibb 
10744 Private R Gibson 
8084 Private P Gilmore 
10773 Private David Girvan 
8675 Private E Glanville 
10323 Private W Glenn 
10748 Lance-Corporal Albert Gobell 
6617 Private F Gorman 
9938 Lance-Corporal P G Gorringe 
10259 Private J Gough 
9111 Private F Goulder 
6138 Private G Graham 
8660 Private J Graham 
9167 Lance-Corporal J Greenwood 
8054 Private A Gregg 
8556 Private G Grieve 
7898 Private J Guest 
8218 Private J H Hall 
10962 Private Harold Halliday 
10603 Private W Halliman 
9153 Private J Hamilton 
7372 Private J Hannan 
11071 Corporal William Hanslip 
8070 Private James Hardie 
10627 Private Thomas Harris 
10827 Private Harold Hemm 
10469 Private A Henderson 
9456 Private R Henderson 
8882 Private A R Herbert 
8059 Private S Hern 
10304 Private Edwin Hodson 
5874 Private Harry Holdsworth 
9436 Private W Holsgrove 
7013 Sergeant William W Home 
7961 Private Frederick G Hooper 
6894 Private Joseph Hopkins
10860 Private D Horne 
10384 Private A Howell 
9002 Private Richard Howell 
9078 Private G Hudson 
7907 Private George Hudson 
6533 Private Andrew Huldberg 
Private D Hume 
10129 Private A Hunter 
7010 Private R Hunter 
10438 Private W Hunter 
6277 Private Thomas Hutton 
8017 Private W Inglis 
5310 CQMS A Johnston 
6568 Corporal E Johnston 
9513 Private P Johnston 
 8502 Lance-Corporal J J Johnstone 
8442 Private S Johnstone 
6234 Private W Johnstone 
9688 Private T Jukes 
9794 Corporal W T Jupp 
7340 Private H Keir 
7266 Private T Kelly 
11092 Private J Kennedy 
9207 Private E J Kent 
9482 Private J Kimber 
10029 Private L Kimberley 
9287 Private A J J King 
10215 Private G King 
7185 Corporal P King 
5167 Private John Kinnon 
6630 Private J Kirkham 
6826 Private T Kirkland 
10338 Corporal W Kirkland 
9559 Private J Kydd 
7749 Private G Langdown 
8051 Private G H Laurence 
9100 Private A Lawrence 
9577 Lance-Corporal Thomas H Ledgett 
7745 Private P Lennox 
10994 Private A Lester 
8853 Private P Lewis 
8756 Private E Lightheart 
7432 Private J Little 
9872 Bandsman J N Lock 
6519 Private Thomas Lonie 
8171 Private P Love 
7122 Private S Lunt 
10146 Private D Lyle 
6635 Private E Lynas 
8714 Private A Mackenzie 
8174 Private G Malone 
9028 Private H Malone 
7950 Private J Mann 
6148 Private W Mann 
9700 Private T Manners 
7146 Private W J Marsh 
11098 Private G J Marshall 
9919 Lance-Sergeant A C Martin 
1108 Private G Martin 
8880 Private G F Martin 
7179 Private A Mathieson 
8679 Private W May 
7840 Private J McArthur 
7472 Corporal P McAulay 
10490 Private D McCallum 
10498 Private M McCallum 
8222 Private J McCann 
9929 Private George McClarnon 
7062 Private J McClement 
6845 Private A McClure 
8841 Private R McCutcheon 
9519 Private William McDermott 
7407 Private F McDonald 
6870 Private J McDonald
10293 Private R McDonald 
9459 Private J McDonough
9511 Private A McDougall 
8876 Private A G McEwan 
10226 Private A McGarva 
10485 Private J McGinlay 
9696 Private W McGregor 
8191 Private W McGuigan 
8629 Private A McIntyre 
10086 Private P McKay 
9004 Private L F McKeever 
10237 Private John McKerrow 
9467 Private W McKinn 
10919 Private H McLaughlan 
7730 Private D McMillan 
10262 Acting Sergeant Robert McNaught 
10218 Private Edward McNeill 
10558 Private A McRoberts 
10451 Private John McRosty 
7361 Private G McWalter 
6342 Acting Sergeant W Mead 
8294 Lance-Corporal G E Mealing 
7295 Private A Meechan
6697 Private A M Meikle 
7841 Private John Meiklejohn 
10568 Private A Menzies 
10230 Private E S Meredith 
5919 Sergeant G W Metcalfe 
8475 Private W T Miles 
6015 Private A Miller 
6579 Private J Miller 
7451 Private W Miller 
9508 Private D Mitchell 
5754 CSM D Mitchell 
10578 Private W Montgomery 
9971 Private R Moore 
8355 Private W E Morley 
9932 Private S Morris 
8064 Private F Mortimer 
7088 Private Ernest W H Mower 
9588 Private Joseph Muirhead 
9629 Private H Mungall
8644 Private W Murray 
7778 Private G Nash 
8509 Private J Nathan 
10362 Private J Navrie 
6384 Private R Nelson 
7484 Private Thomas Nerney 
9953 Private C H Newall 
8230 Corporal C H Newport 
10227 Private H Nineham 
8892 Private Thomas G Niner 
4788 Sergeant Arthur Norman 
8049 Private J O'Brien 
7736 Private W O'Connor 
9791 Private John Orman 
8515 Private James Ormerod 
9077 Lance-Corporal S Osborne 
10347 Private Edward Owen 
9666 Private S Owen 
6180 Private Philip James Packer 
6987 Private J Parker 
9390 Private H A D Patterson 
9380 Lance-Corporal W Patterson 
10572 Private A Peibles 
8976 Private William J A Perkins 
9607 Private M Philomay 
11009 Private G Phipps 
9443 Lance-Corporal S Picton 
10846 Private A Polson 
6915 Private Frederick Powell 
9956 Private T Powell 
10245 Private A J Pyne 
8597 Private A Quail 
10365 Private J Quigley 
6628 Private J Quin 
7453 Private T Rainbird 
10392 Private T Rattray 
9314 Private A E Razey 
8363 Private F Read 
10268 Private John Reilly 
8580 Private M Reilly 
10103 Lance-Sergeant A Reppington 
10192 Lance-Corporal J Richardson 
10609 Corporal S J Ricketts 
9914 Lance-Corporal Percy Riddle 
10279 Private Hugh Riley 
11001 Private S J Riley 
10517 Private W Ritchie 
6948 Sergeant T G Roberts 
6447 Private J Roberts 
 9328 Private J Robertson 
10659 Private J Robertson 
10765 Private T Robertson 
10559 Corporal W Robertson 
9832 Private James Robson 
10881 Private Arthur E Rogers 
10115 Private W Ross 
9367 Private J Roxburgh 
10488 Private Edward Ryder 
8086 Private C Sadler 
10231 Private H Samms 
10248 Private A Savage 
10647 Private J Scallon 
9733 Private J H Scarborough 
6661 Private T Scott 
6421 Private J Shields 
8441 Private Joseph Shulver 
10503 Private C W G Shuttle 
10216 Private W Siddons 
7333 Private J Simpson 
8618 Private P Sinclair 
7881 Private J Slaven 
10611 Private David Slavin 
6649 Private J Sloan 
7896 Private H Smith 
8927 Private H J Smith 
9653 Lance-Corporal H J Smith 
7833 Private J Smith 
10792 Corporal J Smith 
5511 Private R Smith 
7318 Private W Smith 
10188 Private W E Smith 
7926 Lance-Corporal H Smythe 
7153 Private J G Southern 
8053 Private T Southern 
8402 Private M H Stanborough 
9256 Private C Starkie 
10399 Private J Steedman 
6756 Private P Steele 
5344 Private Sydney B Stephens 
7861 Private A Stevens 
6897 Private M Summers 
8916 Private F W Sutton 
9621 Private D Tait 
9744 Private J Taylor 
9015 Private A Thompson 
6004 Private E Thomson 
8158 Private S Thomson 
9665 Private T Thomson 
9421 Private W Thomson
6414 Private D Thonbull 
9181 Private Albert Thorn 
8555 Private John Thornton 
9690 Private F T Threadgould 
9226 Lance-Corporal J H Thurstow 
7495 Private P A Titmas 
10878 Private J J Treadway 
6733 Private H Tucknott 
Private Alexander Turner 
7801 Private J Turner 
9830 Private J Urquhart 
9066 Lance-Corporal T Varley 
10889 Private J Venable 
10461 Private R Vernon 
9042 Private A Vincent 
8023 Private G Walker 
10301 Private J Walker 
8508 Lance-Corporal J Wallace 
10396 Private J Walls 
6560 Private E Ward 
8284 Lance-Corporal F Ward 
8337 Private J Warner 
5375 Private C Warren 
7856 Private H Watson 
16138 Private J H Watson 
9681 Private T Watson
8739 Sergeant W Watson 
5455 Private J Watt 
8919 Private A Weaving 
7755 Lance-Corporal H Whittington 
9132 Private H Wiggs 
11091 Private J Wightman 
8905 Private F Wilkinson 
6502 Private J Wilkinson 
6359 Private M Wilkinson 
8207 Private G Williams 
9807 Private P Williamson 
8075 Private A Wilson 
7265 Private J Wilson 
9530 Private T Wilson 
10857 Private T Wishart 
8893 Private George A Withers 
10641 Private E A Wood 
10700 Private J Wrigley

11 August 2016

Connaught Rangers - other rank PoWs 1914

This is an edited roll of Other Ranks serving with the 2nd Battalion, Connaught Rangers who were captured by the enemy and became Prisoners of War on or before the 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from ten separately catalogued lists held at the Imperial War Museum, namely B.O.2 1/67 to B.O.2 1/76 which are ten separately typed lists of Connaught Rangers men dating to the 31st January 1919.  My full transcription (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Home address
Next of kin
Next of kin's address
Transcriber's notes

There are over 300 names on this list, representing a wealth of military service, and a lost asset that would be sorely felt by the regiment and the British Army generally. 
The full transcription is available for sale as a download or CD for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

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You can work out when the other men would have joined by referring to my post on Connaught Rangers regimental numbers. Here then, are the men, all 305 of them. Any errors in transcription are my own:

6759 Private W Anderson 
10022 Private J Barnacle 
7586 Private T Barrett 
7151 Private J Barry 
7668 Private P Barry 
10763 Private J Bateman 
10643 Private J Belford 
10678 Private J Birrell 
7955 Private J Blackwell 
9183 Private D Boland 
6804 Private J Bollard 
9045 Private G H Bonnick 
3828 Corporal W Bowes 
8360 Private J Branen 
8080 Corporal T Brennan 
7184 Private T Brien 
10328 Private J Burke 
**36 Private J Burns 
7046 Private J Burrows 
8450 Private R Burton 
9836 Private S Butler 
7657 Private J Byrne 
7264 Private A Caddell 
10575 Lance-Corporal J Cairns 
8333 Private J Cairns 
6579 Private P Callaghan 
8950 Private T E Callaghan 
9287 Corporal A Campbell 
10662 Private P Carey 
8481 Lance-Corporal E Carney 
7787 Private J Carney 
8051 Sergeant J Carney 
7895 Private P Carney 
7532 Private M Carroll 
10538 Private T Carroll 
8520 Private M Carter 
7950 Private J Casey 
10523 Lance-Corporal J Caslin 
8208 Private T Cassidy 
6552 Private T Cawley 
9878 Bandsman J Chapman 
10775 Private A Christian 
7994 Private J J Christie 
10732 Private J Clarke 
10708 Private T Cleary 
8362 Private J Cole 
9289 Lance-Corporal J Collins 
10760 Private J Connolly 
7938 Private J Connolly 
10468 Private P Connor 
10120 Private M Connors 
5035 Private F Conroy 
7707 Private A Conway 
6917 Private J Cooper 
9465 Private F Couldwell 
6465 Private T Counihan 
10721 Private J Cox 
7953 Lance-Corporal M Coyne 
10766 Private J Creighton 
8489 Private P Cresham 
8058 Lance-Corporal M Cullen 
10644 Private C Cundlon 
7452 Private T Curley 
8280 Private M Curry 
8135 Private J Curtin 
10123 Private J Daly 
10636 Private J Daly 
8931 Private T Daly 
7190 Private D Daniels 
8257 Private M Deegan 
10541 Lance-Corporal R Deegan  
7367 Private James Delaney 
10473 Private W Delaney 
7802 Sergeant J Devaney 
7883 Private J Dillon 
10484 Private H Docherty 
6509 Private M Dolan 
7582 Private W Donovan 
8243 Private J Dowling 
7525 Private J Doyle 
10727 Private T Doyle 
8429 Private L Dunne 
7395 Private M Dunne 
10432 Private Joseph Dwan 
8930 Private F J Eden 
6284 Private L Egan 
8742 Private E A Emerson 
8076 Lance-Corporal J Ennis 
8917 Private W Fagan 
8102 Private J J Fahey 
9728 Private R Farrell 
4320 Private W Farrelly 
7499 Private B Fields 
7096 Private J Finnerty 
7370 Private C J Fitzgerald 
10704 Private J Fitzsimons 
4343 Private J Flanagan 
7555 Private P Flanagan 
8217 Private T Flannery 
8339 Private J Flattery 
10354 Private J Flemming 
7635 Private M Flood 
8517 Private J Flowers
9859 Private C Flynn 
6833 Private P Flynn 
8119 Private W Flynn 
10664 Private F Forde 
9195 Private F Forde 
10366 Private J Forde 
10724 Private J Francis 
10434 Private J French 
10556 Private T B Fuery 
8105 Private J Gaffney 
6641 Private M Gallagher 
9190 Private E Gannon 
7138 Private G Geoghegan 
7025 Private J Geraghty 
7246 Private C Gillard 
4190 Private T Ginty 
10536 Lance-Corporal J Gleazer 
8316 Private F Glynn 
8560 Private M Glynn 
7381 Private M Goggins 
10831 Private T P Gore 
8047 Private J Gough 
9937 Private P Gough 
7563 Private L Graham 
7015 Private M Grant 
10589 Private W Green 
10718 Private J Griems 
10820 Private J Haide 
9401 Sergeant G P A Halfpenny 
3618 Private M Halloran 
10660 Private T Handy 
3588 Pte John Hanley 
9104 Private M Hanley 
10749 Private C Harley 
8866 Private P Harvey 
9026 Private S Hayes 
10918 Lance-Corporal P Healy 
6959 Private J Hearty 
7919 Lance-Corporal J Herbert 
7971 Private J Higgins 
8761 Sergeant M Hogan 
8582 Corporal W Hudson 
9855 Bandsman W Hurt 
9371 Private F Hutchings 
8591 Private T Hyland 
8056 Private M James 
7019 Private P Keane 
9077 Private P Keane 
9324 Private T Keane 
7861 Private J Keating 
8048 Private L Keenan 
8390 Private P Keenan 
9082 Private D Kelleher 
10736 Private P Kelleher 
7658 Private J Kelly 
8008 Private M Kelly 
10190 Bandsman G H Kennedy 
7361 Private P Kennedy 
6798 Private T Kennedy 
8727 Private J Kenny 
8550 Lance-Corporal J Kiernan 
4636 Private James Kilkenny 
4786 Private R Kilkenny 
10222 Private J King 
9631 Private P Kirby 
10861 Private C Langdon 
9455 Corporal F L Leach 
8776 Private J Leahy 
10260 Private J A Leeson
8483 Private M Lohan 
10302 Private J Long 
7057 Private P Loran 
8533 Private B Lowry 
3735 Drummer T Luke 
10832 Private J Lyden 
10535 Private J Madden 
9668 Private E Maher 
8537 Private P Mahon 
10638 Private J Mahony 
10598 Private J Mallon 
10375 Private P Manning 
3966 Private J Marshall 
10700 Lance-Corporal J Martin 
8091 Private R Masterson 
3581 Private W Mayberry 
7281 Private J McCaffrey 
10735 Private T McCann 
10791 Private McD McDonagh 
10954 Private J McDonald 
7325 Private W McDonald 
10509 Corporal P McElwee 
8240 Private J McFeeney 
5293 Sergeant H McGowan 
4460 Private P McGrath 
6601 Private G McGuinness 
9386 Sergeant J McGuirk 
8527 Private M McHale 
6617 Private J McHugh 
10786 Private M McInerney 
8181 Private P McInroy 
5950 Private J McKenna 
10764 Private S McKnight 
6826 Private T McLoughlin 
7663 Private M McNiff 
7920 Private P Milligan 
6495 Private P Monaghan 
7178 Private P Monaghan 
10784 Private J Monds 
10567 Private W Monks 
10723 Private J Moran 
7788 Private J Moran 
10753 Private M Moran 
8569 Private M Moran 
8061 Private P Moran 
7641 Private J Moroney 
7645 Private W Morris 
10628 Private D Moylan 
4468 Private J Muldoon 
10146 Private J Mullany 
10532 Private C Mulligan 
4388 Private F Mulvey 
7002 Private F Murphy 
7644 Private J Murphy 
7533 Private J Murphy 
8504 Private M Murphy 
10782 Private N Murphy 
7798 Private P Murphy 
7699 Private P Murphy 
3995 Private P Murphy 
8912 Private W Murphy 
10800 Private F Murray 
4243 Private M Murren 
10779 Private E Neilan 
8542 Private J Neill 
9454 Private A Nolan 
10697 Private P Noonan 
10240 Private W Noone 
5975 Private P O'Boyle 
9136 Lance-Corporal M O'Brien 
7169 Private M O'Connor 
9635 Corporal J J O'Hara 
10833 Private J O'Keefe 
8336 Private P O'Loughlin 
8867 Private A E O'Neill 
7676 Private E O'Neill 
6958 Private J O'Neill 
10843 Private M O'Neill 
8310 Private M O'Neill 
8441 Private P O'Neill 
10495 Bandsman J Paxton
9675 Private J Perkins 
4045 Private P Power 
8357 Private P Quinn 
8092 Private T Quinn 
10913 Private J Reilly 
7888 Private F Reycroft 
10714 Private G Reynolds 
8327 Private J Reynolds 
8497 Private D Rice 
7081 Private J Richardson 
10019 Private J Rooney 
7252 Private J Ryan 
3137 Private J Ryan 
7784 Private M Ryan 
9484 Bandsman T Ryan 
7298 Private J E Seery 
7333 Private W Seville 
10667 Private J Shannon 
8364 Private J Sheridan 
9726 Lance-Corporal J Shields 
10669 Private E Short 
10333 Private T Short 
4015 Private M Skiffington
9990 Private A A Smith 
10102 Private A J Smith 
10639 Private P Smyth 
8464 Private M Sweeney 
6937 Private P Sweeney 
9737 Private G E Taylor 
7075 Private R Thornton 
10633 Private M Timony 
6630 Private M Toner 
7770 Private J Tougher 
9788 Private W E Tucker 
4368 Private H Tully 
10741 Private T A Walker 
10228 Private J Walpole 
6349 Private J Walsh 
10685 Private B Ward 
7966 Private B Ward 
10722 Private J Ward 
7258 Private T West 
4314 Private R White
6036 Corporal M Whyte 
8256 Private H Williams 
10670 Private T Williams 
10824 Private J Williamson 
7575 Sergeant J Wilson 
9558 Bandsman L Wilson 
10053 Private A H Woodward

Image courtesy Wikipedia.